Training Today: How to Avoid a Déjà Vu Review

Actively develop the skills you need to be viewed as a top performer through training, workshops, or books.

By Joseph Grenny, Co-Founder, VitalSmarts, and Co-Author, “Change Anything”

  1. Ask for detailed feedback of your accomplishments and challenges. This tells you the behaviors to replicate and change. Then let your manager know you’re eager to learn and improve.
  2. Visit your default future. That means the career you’ll be stuck with if you fail to improve performance and are repeatedly passed up for promotion.
  3. Invest in professional development. Actively develop the skills you need to be viewed as a top performer through training, workshops, or books.
  4. Find a mentor. A trusted mentor can encourage your progression and help you navigate the career development opportunities that exist within the organization.
  5. Put skin in the game. Tie your performance to your compensation such as making your year-end bonus dependent on your ability to hit your improvement goals. If you hit your goals, reward yourself at year-end. If you fall short, make out a check to a political party you oppose.
  6. Control your workspace. If you’d benefit from close association with another team, ask to move offices. When possible, turn off electronic interruptions that keep you from being as productive as you need to be to move ahead.
  7. Let your manager see your advances. Nothing heals the wounds of disappointment like surprising and delighting your manager in the future.
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