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Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine and Training magazine Events.

Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine and Training magazine Events. Register early and save $150!
Learn More About the Training Top 125
Training magazine’s Training Top 125 Award winners are the organizations with the most successful learning and development programs in the world—and the Top 125 has been the premier learning industry awards program for more than 12 years. The 2016 application will be available in April 2015.
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Everyone in real estate knows it’s all about “location, location, location.” Keller Williams Realty, Inc., embodied that principle as it nabbed a prime piece of real estate—the top spot—on the 2015 Training Top 125 for the first time.

Bolstered by the belief that “training fuels all of our success,” North America’s largest real estate franchise moves into the top spot on the 2015 Training Top 125.

Managers are a company’s first line of defense—and offense— in delivering superior customer service.

Efforts to enhance the performance of managers, combined with new technology and other learning investments, kicked No. 2 Training Top 125er Jiffy Lube International, Inc., into high gear in 2014.

Top 125

Keller Williams Realty, Inc., is a real estate franchise built by agents for agents, and all of its training is developed by studying and modeling the behaviors of its most successful business leaders.

The 2015 Training Top 125 winners demonstrated a strong focus on effective training and employee development tied to corporate strategic goals and Kirkpatrick Level 3 and 4 results.
Training Live + Online Certificate Programs
Learn More About the Training Top 125
Training 2015
Top 125

How Coaching Helps Employee Retention

Coaching helps inspire and motivate employees to improve knowledge, increase skills, and change behaviors to drive greater performance in the workplace.

Using Unconventional Leadership Development Tools

Until leaders can understand the mechanism of action—the reason people do what they do—it is difficult for them to understand and identify how effective they are, how effective they could be, and what they need to do to improve.

Horrible Bosses: The 3 Worst Offenders

The reality is horrible bosses are inevitable. And they’re as big and bad as ever, according to a recent survey done via social media.

Risk & Reward: Using Channel Incentive Programs

Channel incentive programs rest on the simple idea that people are more likely to perform the desired behavior when they are positively incentivized, i.e., they stand to benefit in some manner, or otherwise improve their current status, by behaving in the desired manner.

The Island of Misfit Toys

Excerpt From Chapter 11: The Island of Misfit Toys from “Culture That Rocks” by Jim Knight

Does Every Department Need a Boss?

Today, many, if not most, companies have been downsized so that departments in which the boss is a participant, rather than just a planner, are much more common. In this kind of arrangement, is it still appropriate and necessary to have one person known as the boss?

How to Improve Interpersonal Skills

One of the most effective ways to improve your interpersonal skills is to imagine how you would like to be treated by others.

Well Experience Field Training at Walgreens

Collaborating with store and pharmacy operations to gather data and insights on customer needs, operational metrics, and learner audiences, six designers in just six months developed a 12-week curriculum to engage and educate thousands of Walgreens team members on new Well Experience behaviors, roles, technologies, products, and processes/procedures.

Training for the New Year: Formal vs. Informal Learning

To improve our knowledge sharing in the year to come, we need to move into the Information Age, where knowledge is on demand; where learning can be fit to me as opposed to me having to fit everything to it.

Managing Slacker Work Teammates

Do you make accountability easy for work teams, or do you suspect slackers (maybe even the boss!) are going undetected?

Fostering Productive Mentoring

Mentoring becomes a productivity accelerator only when an organization takes it seriously—that is, when it becomes more than an educational tool indulged in “as time permits.”

Accomplished Women—Interesting Lives

At The Baldwin School, the brand promise: Accomplished Women—Interesting Lives, was being delivered successfully over and over again. Whether the accomplishments had gained public notoriety or not (and many had), each woman honestly could declare that she graduated knowing there was a special place in the world for each of them and the only barrier to an “interesting life” was themselves.

Pre-Mortem Training at McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Inspired by a mental simulation exercise in “The Power of Intuition” by Gary Klein, Pre-Mortem Training has become one of the most effective ways for McCarthy project teams to communicate about, identify, prioritize, and assign responsibility for managing risk.


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