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Tim Hagen: Progress Coaching Training System Creator

You put all that time and energy into training staff, and then it’s an uphill battle to get their direct management’s support to reinforce the concepts and make the training truly pay off. You’re not alone; this is the experience of most training leaders and managers today. But it doesn't have to be this way. Get your managers coaching, and everybody wins. 

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How you will benefit: 

Based on a system called “Progress Coaching,” this program teaches a variety of coaching methods and approaches that are effective both for training professionals’ use as well as their internal management teams. You’ll learn how to start, sustain, and facilitate a coaching program and culture, and discover how to engage managers to assist in the coaching process. Every aspect of building a successful coaching culture is addressed, including how to have the executive management conversation, how to design and facilitate coaching services, and how to deliver coaching support services. Upon successful completion of this program, you’ll receive your Training National Progress Trainer Coach Certification, demonstrating your ability to develop a coaching program and culture. This is a terrific career milestone for any training leader or manager.

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The Certification is delivered in four main stages:

Kickoff Webinar

This webinar will review the requirements of the certification, the start dates of each phase, what participants will learn, and how to successfully complete each phase.

21 Days of Knowledge-Based Lessons (typically 5 to 8 minutes Each)

The first step is completion of 21 days of lessons. The lessons will teach 10 different ways to coach, how to get management buy-in, the 3 tiers of learning, and a battery of questions and progressions to use when having coaching conversations.

Completion and Delivery of Four Mini Coaching Sessions (approximately 10-15 minutes each)

To be effective, trainer coaches must also be coaching practitioners. This is a four-session process that will prompt participants to follow a process taught within the program. During this phase, participants will learn and follow a specific methodology to deliver and own a coaching relationship, using a case study from the corporate world. This is the same process managers are encouraged to follow when they become coaches.

Two-Part Test

  • The first part is an objective test that tests knowledge of Progress Coaching Principles.
  • The second part is a subjective test that will ask participants to design and define coaching using case studies provided to them. This will challenge their true understanding of Progress Coaching as well as their ability to apply its principles to designing a coaching program.

Upon successful completion of this program, you’ll receive your Training National Progress Trainer Coach Certification, demonstrating your ability to develop a coaching program and culture.



Get your managers coaching, and everybody wins! Read how managers who coach help improve employee retention.  

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