Case Study: eLearningArt Leverages uses ProProfs Training Software for internal employee training to improve quality control, save significant time and money, and boost product development. is a Santa Monica, CA-based provider of e-learning templates and images for the e-learning industry. Through its people picture images, background images, templates, and other stock photos, eLearningArt empowers e-learning developers to build better training, faster. With one of the largest library of e-learning assets on the Web, eLearningArt offers trainers a wide selection to choose from, and all of its assets are developed specifically to meet the needs of an e-learning developer.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, is a provider of online tools for building, testing, and applying knowledge. Through its TrainingMaker products, ProProfs offers trainers and educators robust, yet simple features without requiring users to download or learn complicated, expensive software.

By utilizing ProProfs’ online training tool, Training Maker, eLearningArt now is successfully educating its internal staff and quality control managers in a new trend-forward, online approach. The training tool is designed for ease of use on both the author and learner side of the equation.

The ProProfs Sofware-as-a-Service (SaaS) model has helped eLearningArt discover a more cost-effective, efficient method of employee training by helping it to build online learning programs quickly and easily using existing content and material. As a result, the company has seen a significant reduction in time spent “starting from scratch” to modernize internal training and certification, as well as an increase in product development and revenue.

The Challenge

eLearningArt required an efficient solution that would help improve the imaging company’s overall approach to internal training and quality control. The company staffs a sizable team of graphic designers who specifically work on both editing training material images, as well as managing quality control of these images on a regular basis.

However, according to Bryan Jones, president, eLearningArt, “We were getting mixed results from these newly hired designers…many of the e-learning templatesand images they were editing often were failing quality control.”

Jones says he typically saw failure rates for new eLearningArt quality control employees as high as 50 percent. “Every time there were image failures, the problem would come back to me,” he says. “This would end up costing me both time and money, and would interrupt my process for product development.”

Launching a new training and certification method requires a consistent approach, so eLearningArt began researching ways to streamline its internal training capabilities. eLearningArt needed a way to effectively provide its internal image editors and quality control employees with a more efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective training method.

eLearningArt found that through partnering with ProProfs’ Web-based solution, Training Maker, this challenge could be achieved.

The Solution

By using ProProfs Training Software, eLearningArt was able to successfully implement an online internal training and certification program specifically focused on training graphic designers before they become official, certified eLearningArt editors.

Training Maker quickly and easily builds online learning programs using existing text documents, presentations, and training videos via state-of-the-art tools, helping companies such as eLearningArt stay focused on bigger goals, including product development and growing the business. ProProfs’ training tool assisted eLearningArt in educating its graphic designers on how to successfully review the company’s image submissions in the most reliable and effective manner.

The Results

The most compelling criteria for choosing ProProfs Training Maker were efficiency, ease-of-use, cost savings, and performance.

By implementing ProProfs Training Maker technology, Jones says he saw eLearningArt’s quality control “pass” rates increase to 90 percent. Now, most batches of images reviewed by his editing team typically see a 97 percent “pass” rate (versus 50 percent prior to implementing Training Maker).

Leveraging ProProfs tools has helped eLearningArt not only streamline its training approach for newly employed graphic designers, but also has saved the company both time and money, drastically reducing previous image failure rates.

“We believe the Training Maker technology allows our company to achieve a more consistent training approach across the board,” Jones says. “The better the overall experience our newly hired graphic designers and editors have in learning our actual process, the more likely they are to successfully edit our images. It’s a win-win situation for everybody involved.” is a Santa Monica, CA-based provider of e-learning templates and images for the e-learning industry. Based in Los Angeles, CA, is a provider of online tools for building, testing, and applying knowledge.



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