Performance Management for Financial Institutions

Excerpt from “Performance Management” by Prinny Anderson (Practical Action, 2013).

“This is a book for bank/finance professionals written by a professional who clearly understands the discipline of HR/performance management and the environment of banking and finance. The book is pragmatic, focused, comprehensive, and eminently readable … a ‘must read’ for leaders in this field.”—Robert M. Fulmer, Ph.D., Vice Chair, World Business Academy,and co-author of “The Leadership Advantage: How the Best Companies Are Developing Their Talent to Pave the Way for Future Success”

By Prinny Anderson

Performance and the management of people to achieve desired business targets are issues relevant to many types of business, including financial institutions, the primary audience for this handbook. Beyond the practicalities, though, all institutions and most endeavors are energized and guided by a larger purpose, be it social responsibility or a “green” agenda. The larger purposes that inspired the handbook start with a passion for seeing people rise out of poverty through their own efforts, supported by access to financial institutions with a commitment to offering them the products and services appropriate to their circumstances. In order for the financial institutions that serve people with limited access to financial services to thrive and to continue achieving their visions and fulfilling their missions, the managers of those banks need to become as effective as they possibly can at managing their people and the performance of those people. The handbook is intended to help those managers, and thereby help their institutions to be successful.

For managers to be successful at managing people and performance, the Human Resource (HR) departments that support them also need to become as effective as possible. The handbook is dedicated to that purpose, too. In short, this handbook exists to help managers and HR teams be as effective as they can be at managing people and performance so their banks achieve the vision and mission of giving women and men access to the financial services they need to move out of poverty and into greater prosperity, health, education, and empowerment in their communities.

Excerpt from “Performance Management” by Prinny Anderson (Practical Action, 2013). For more information, visit

The lead human capital professional for Small Business Banking Network, Prinny Anderson is also a human capital educator, coach, author, consultant, and the principal of Design for Learning & Change in Durham, NC.

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