Social Learning: Trend or Transformation?

The emerging role of social learning in training and development.

By The Training Top 10 Hall of Fame

Social networking became the rallying cry for a generation that connects over the Internet as easily as previous generations communicated over the telephone. In fact, many Millennials entering the workforce actually prefer social media to spoken conversations. Now, savvy trainers are leveraging the technologies that enable Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogs, among other options, to deliver learning—not just because they can, but because using specific media supports their training goals.

But what exactly is social media, and should it have a role in training? Many training organizations are grappling with those questions today. In response, Training Top 10 Hall of Fame members wrote a whitepaper to help clarify issues, explore the roles of social media in training, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the many types of social media available. Throughout this paper, real-world examples are discussed, along with insights from thought leaders in the training industry.

Download the “Social Learning: Trend or Transformation?” whitepaper below.

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