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How to Avoid the “F” Word: Making Soft Skills Work

Executives often label soft skills as “fluff.” But we all need soft skills. The problem is that most executives haven’t seen the value of the soft skills programs in terms they appreciate and understand.

Managing Less, Not More

Training is self-evident when that which is being created is in sync with the long arc of humanity’s aspirations. Sharing power, it turns out, is easier than collecting it.

How to Develop Soft Skills in the Workplace

Developing soft skills must be personalized and connected to the work experience to help organizations keep up and to drive meaningful growth in individuals.

Time to Analyze

Needs analysis is the process of sifting through the information gathered during the needs assessment to begin to make decisions about next steps.

Geeks Are Welcome!

Tips for recruiting the right learning platform administrator.

Shall We Dance?

Business transformation requires organizations to learn the agility dance and master the steps to an empathic, people-centered approach to change that nurtures a culture of aspiration, alignment, autonomy, and accountability.


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