How Workplaces Can Be More Supportive of All Employees

Offer employees a good salary and reward them for their efforts. Keep them safe, create a flexible schedule, and ask for their feedback frequently.

Supportive workplaces bring productivity and well-being to everyone in the company. Studies show that a positive work environment helps with the efficiency, engagement, and loyalty of employees. Also, supportive businesses try to reduce healthcare costs, including mental health aid.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are trying to become more positive and create a workspace that meets the needs of employees and boosts their performance. Let’s explore some ways organizations can make a work environment more comfortable for employees.

Make Sure the Work Environment Is Safe

If you want staff to feel supported by the company they’re working for, you need to ensure the best work conditions for them—whether they are working from an office, a hospital, in the field, or at home. Make sure they have the necessary protective equipment and everyone respects the new pandemic safety norms. Also, invest in new technology that can prevent employees from getting hurt.

Clearly, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the work dynamic has changed drastically. So try to help your employees stay healthy during the health crisis by:

  • Advising them to stay at home if they present early symptoms. Try to develop a leave program that supports employees financially, even when they’re on leave.
  • Screening them for temperature before entering the workplace.
  • Advising employees not to touch items and structures to the best of their ability. Leaving doors and windows open is a small measure that can help reduce the spread of germs.
  • Adding sanitizer distributors around the office.
  • Encouraging employees to wear masks when near each other. Avoid meetings and working closely in a group.
  • Placing desks far from each other or isolating each worker in his or her office.
  • Creating shifts to reduce the number of people working at the same time in the same place.
  • Allowing employees to work from home.
  • Asking the cleaning agency to sanitize the workplace more often.

Communicate with All of Your Employees Frequently

If your employees feel included in the company’s affairs, they’ll be less motivated to leave and more determined to contribute to the business’ success. So as an employer, you might want to create a communication culture in your office.

Encourage your employees to talk to you freely about the company’s projects and progresses. Work together to optimize the organization’s features and protocols. For example, when you’re trying to fix an issue, ask your employees if they have any suggestions. Then, after you find a solution, encourage them to express their thoughts on it.

You can create a group chat where all employees communicate with you about anything: from why they’re running late to new ideas for the firm.

Moreover, in 2020, the group chat can become a place for information about COVID-19. You can share new government guidelines and other health tips so all workers know what measures to apply.

Be Flexible

Create a schedule that works for everyone, with shifts, days off, and meetings included. Also, allow employees to switch their shifts if needed. This way, you show your employees that their schedule is flexible and they don’t need to compromise personal and family time for work.

Likewise, you can help employees become more efficient by providing them all the tools they need: from food to clothes, from digital devices to ergonomic chairs. As a result, employees will feel motivated to work for a company that supports them.

Encourage Employees to Have a Work Ethic Code

If you want a supportive workplace, then you will want to ensure that the organization treats all employees equally. Furthermore, try to align policies with your company’s values. For example, you can help HR come up with a healthcare policy for disadvantaged groups.

Additionally, as a leader, you should be the example employees should follow. So try to be the first one to act kindly and speak the truth.

Recognize Your Employees for Their Work

Employee salary alone isn’t enough to push your workers to be productive. So reward them for their dedication whenever you can. Recognize their efforts and achievements by thanking them personally.

Specifically, in difficult times, try to comfort your employees and make them feel supported both morally and financially. This way, even in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees will try their best to be efficient and effective at work. Try to keep them on payroll and find ways to support those who are sick or caring for children, parents, or someone who is sick while working from home.

If you want your organization to thrive even under today’s challenging circumstances, try to support your employees to the best of your abilities. Offer them a good salary and reward them for their efforts. Keep them safe, create a flexible schedule, and ask for their feedback frequently.


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