I Can’t Do this Work Anymore: The 10 Commandments to Help a Burned-Out Employee

Technology has helped humanity climb to the top of the food chain, but it also increasingly blurs the line between home and work, leading to increased stress and exhaustion. Here’s how employers can help.

No matter how much you love your job and working, at some point, it can become overwhelming and lead to a full burnout. It happens all the time, even with the best jobs. Burnout happens when youpush too hard, due to the unbearable desire to succeed. The more motivated people are to reach success and the harder they work, the easier it becomes to burn out.

Technology has helped humanity climb to the top of the food chain, but it also increasingly blurs the line between home and work. Increased stress, difficulty in managing family and work responsibilities, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted are the things working people experience today. 

If you as an employer have a problem with an employee who is about to burn out, there are things you can do to help overcome his or her problems. Here are the 10 commandments for helping your employees.

1.  Take Care of People’sHealth

If your employees are constantly under stress and pressure, that’s going to have a negative impact on their mental and physical health. The best way to take care of a problem is to make sure it doesn’t become a problem in the first place or at least do your best to stop it from escalating. 

If anemployee is about to burn out because of health issues, you can help by asking what you can do to assist him or her. In most cases, offering a few kind wordscan lead to incredible results. Show your employees that you care about them and their health. 

They’ll feel that you’re ready to share the load, which will give them enough fuel to continue.

2. Work on ReducingStress

Stress is your employees’ worst enemy and the biggest reason they burn out. It directly impacts their prefrontal cortex, pounding like a hammer, making executive functions much harder. Executive functions include focus, emotional control, decision-making, and memory. These are all the things an employee needs to manage properly to do his or her job properly. 

When there’s too much stress, employees can’t do their job because of poor decision-making, sudden emotional outbursts, constantly forgetting of essential and crucial things. If you notice any of this is happening to some of your employees, they’re bound to burn out. 

Help them by lessening the stress they experience. A day off or a raise can help.

3. Build Strong Personal Relationships

Stress also impacts every aspect of your employees’ lives, not just their professional side. Having difficulties with personal and professional relationshipsmight be a sign that someone’s about to burn out. If things aren’t going well at work, they’ll bring it to their homes, which will result in silly mistakes and conflicts for no particular reason. 

Talk to your employees constantly about how they feel about the people they work with. It’ll make them feel relaxed and give them an impression that their opinion matters. You’ll take some of the pressure off their shoulders, which will earn you their trust and loyalty.

4. Don’t Let Employees Take Their Work Home

Staying up late at night thinking about their work is a sure sign your employees are about to burn out. You can help them by arranging and organizing their work schedule to be more efficient. The truth is, everything can be fixed with a bit of good will, effort, and time. If you teach your employees to go with the flow with each obstacle they encounter, they’ll handle pressure and stress much more easily. 

Make things better for them and don’t let them take their work home. They need to rest when they get home, not continue their everyday work drill. Constantly thinking about work makes people burn out quickly. Make sure they take a break. 

5. Fatigue Is Your Worst Enemy

Fatigue is a health condition that needs proper treatment. It can become dangerous if it’s left untreated. Employees who tend to work a lot burn out much faster because of fatigue. It takes a toll on their body and mind and leads to complete exhaustion. 

If your employees look like they are constantly tired, low on energy, unmotivated to do anything, and have trouble staying awake, those are certain signs of a fatigue burnout. They need some time off.

6. Fight Against Constant Negativity

Employees on the verge burnout can become extremely negative and low on morale. That’s bad for the entire collective, and it disturbs the daily work routine. If an employee is constantly focusing only on the downsides in every situation, he or she is about to burn out. 

Conversation and comprehension help greatly in those situations. Employees need support; reaching out to them would be a good way to help them when they need it the most.

7. Make Sure They are Satisfied

Decreased satisfaction is never a good thing for any company. People who are constantly under pressure develop a certain sense of dissatisfaction. It becomes a feeling they can’t shake off, andnothing seems to excite them anymore. These are clear signs of burning out. Develop a daily routine that will become somewhat of a tradition in your company. 

Engage your employees in that tradition through fun and games, and you’ll increase the chances of making them feel happy and satisfied. When employees are satisfied, they give their best.

8. Help Your Employees find Proper Motivation

When employees start their job for the first time, they’re full of energy, up in the clouds, thinking big, hoping for the best, and making big plans. You need to make sure they stay on that course. Organize short breaks every week and talk about their dreams, experiences, and feelings, and gather valuable feedback you can use to profile each employee. 

Find out what drives each of them and then bring that game to their playground. 

9. Their Satisfaction Is Based on Their Performance

If you have an employee with performance issues, find out everything you can about where the problem is. Those with the biggest aspirations are the first to go when their dreams crumble. Don’t wait for that to happen. Think up front about your high achievers. 

Keep track of everything they do so you notice when they slip. Be there to pick them up when they fall, and you’ll prevent them from burning out. Encourage them when they need it.

10. Promote Self-Care

Life is a struggle for all people. The truth is, if people don’t take care of themselves, they won’t be able to perform well in the long run. By promoting self-care, you’re setting an example of good behavior and showing you’re ready to make a compromise. 

All employees will feel good about working for a company that takes care of them.Helping your burned-out employees isalso the best way to boost their motivation and confidence. Follow these tips and you’ll have a team of fresh and motivated individuals ready to take on any challenge. 

Prabhash Bachhuwan is a content marketer who is an active contributor to Mettl’s blog—a writer by day and a reader by night, one who believes there is no sharper sword than the pen. Mettl is an HR technology company and leading talent measurement firm that enables businesses to make precise people decisions in talent recruitment, management, and training across industry verticals. 




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