TRG News Articles

Preparing for the “The New Expectation”

Consumers are closely watching the actions of your employees, using the information to gauge the safety of your organization amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Go-To Person’s Credo

Go-to people work smart by professionalizing everything they do, specializing in what they do best, and steadily expanding their repertoire of specialties.

7 Tips for Building a More Productive Remote Team

Remote work culture should not be something left to collect dust in a mission statement. The best company cultures provide a framework that gives employees a sense of comfort and confidence to confront obstacles and grow from challenges.

Effective Ways to Design and Deliver Diversity & Inclusion Programs

L&D professionals need to become fluent in adaptive learning design that delivers custom learning experiences that address the unique needs of an individual. Doing so will improve their organizational and team performance and help them work toward an anti-racist, inclusive culture.

Case Study: CAE Engages Learners at Home and in the Air

Each year, CAE trains more than 220,000 civil and defense crewmembers, including 135,000 pilots. The organization turned to ViaTech’s Active Reader, an enterprise application that provides secure on-demand digital access to training documents.

Workplace Safety: Stayin’ Alive from 9 to 5

Safety talks are sometimes dry as unbuttered toast. Keep your workers engaged in a training program that’s designed to send them all home safe at the end of their shift by shaking things up.


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