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Take Time for Self-Care During the Pandemic

It’s more important than ever to reset, rebalance, and reconnect with values that got you to the level of success you enjoy today. Here are 8 key tips to help you invest in yourself.

How COVID-19 Brought the Healthcare Industry Closer to the Future of Work

It is important during times like these that healthcare organizations continue to work together and learn from one another. This is a critical step in advancing the whole industry forward to fully embrace the future of work and implement a seamless journey for all patients.

Observe Presentation Ethics and Etiquette

To help stand out as a professional speaker, avoid biases and stereotypes. Always provide honest information. And show respect for your audience and host.

Themed Mentoring

In themed mentoring, participants often play both the mentor and mentee roles. They navigate a creative and open environment where they can achieve business goals, share knowledge, and make connections.


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