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The Art of Curriculum Development

The quality of course content depends, somewhat, on how competent the subject matter expert is, but the rest is up to the curriculum author. However, the way of organizing and sequencing the content, its delivery and presentation, can be predefined in a standard way.

7 Tips to Train New Employees

It is the manager’s duty to make feel new hires comfortable in the company’s environment. Managers need to inspire a high level of accountability, build positive feedback loops, and monitor employees progress toward hitting dedicated key performance indicator benchmarks.

Case Study: xOps’ Intern Program

The goal of the program is to train college students studying computer science on how to be productive in corporate software engineering organizations.

Innovation Training: The 1% Solution

Formal brainstorming is fine 99% of the time. But what about the other 1%, when the solution is beyond the personal experience of the people in the room?


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