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Making Mindfulness Work for Your Employees

Set your company up for stress-reduction success by incorporating meaningful and evidence-based mindfulness training into your professional development and training curriculum and providing employees with opportunities for practice.

Align, Align, Align

How you align yourself in terms of decision-making and support—and with whom—is critical.

Encouraging Empathy in the Remote Workforce

Empathy isn’t an easy thing to teach and it certainly isn’t something Training professionals are typically focused on. But it’s more important than ever in today’s COVID-19 world.

Building an Inclusion Institute

An Inclusion Institute is part brick and mortar—a real place within your facilities—and part virtual. It embeds a commitment to dignity and diversity as a structural beam in the organization, not just as boxes that need to be checked.

A Deeper Dive into Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is a natural part of the human condition that shows up in our decisions, our reactions, and our interactions with others. We all have bias, so let’s acknowledge it and begin to improve.


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