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How AI Can Take E-Learning to the Next Level

Artificial intelligence (AI) is available today that can help anyone set up and, if necessary, troubleshoot virtually any type of machine, including the ventilators used to help COVID-19 patients breathe.

Cross-Training Should Take a Central Role as Organizations Welcome Back Workers

Many companies will need to consider a “corporate reserve” model where front-line employees and managers are reskilled so they can dynamically shift their job roles in response to a changing business environment as employees go back to work post-COVID-19. To achieve this, training will take a starring role.

How to Successfully Launch a Marketing Academy

It is important to look at a Marketing Academy as an instrument to drive strategy and to achieve business objectives. This can engage and motivate people in the Marketing organization to do things differently while they become better marketers.

COVID-19-Induced Metamorphosis of L&D: Evolve or Expire

For L&D to metamorphose and be relevant to the current time, it needs to fundamentally change the language it uses; the manner in which it approaches a business challenge, as well as the stakeholders; the technique it deploys to design a learning experience; the methods it uses to engage with the learner; and the way it measures the learning outcomes.

Confidence Is All

The very best way to adapt your business to change is to build a team with confidence. Confidence that they will make the best choices with the information available to them—confidence that they can pivot when a better path is revealed.


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