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Instant Mentoring: A Revolutionary Approach to Training

Instant mentoring is based on recent advances in neuroscience and cloud and mobile technologies. Employees can benefit from a mentoring experience that has all the development impact of having a great mentor at their side but can be developed and delivered quickly.

Best Ways to Train Millennials

Millennials are an important part of the business world, representing 56 percent of the workforce, according to research by Pew. Here are 8 do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when training them to be valuable company assets.

How Can Lifelong Learning Help Transform Training?

Companies need to view training as a fundamental business asset to keep employees engaged and their skills competitive, adaptable, and sharp as jobs become more specialized.

Building Trust with Remote Teams

Creating trust and rapport online requires a different amount of effort and cannot replace face-to-face interaction. While sharing information is easy, building trust among team members is tougher.

Grace the Stage in Public Speaking

Make it a practice to view one Ted Talk video every day to improve your public speaking skills, accent, and style.

Technology as a Driver of Career Development

As stay-at-home orders are eased and lifted, organizations must continue to leverage their learning technology to provide employees with compelling blended learning experiences in the flow of work that link directly to competency and skill development and career growth.

Growth Starts with You

To create big change and challenge others to grow, we must learn how to extend the improvement orientation outward from within and apply it to the larger organization.


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