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Growth Starts with You

To create big change and challenge others to grow, we must learn how to extend the improvement orientation outward from within and apply it to the larger organization.

Putting It All Together with Process Work

From a Process Work standpoint, sustainable personal change doesn’t happen without changing the world, and sustainable world change doesn’t happen without the individual’s inner work to change his or her feelings.

When Do We Learn to Think?

Training initiatives should place more emphasis on problem-solving, innovation, and inquiry than on learning through “sit down and get it” programs. We need to teach people to think about what they aren’t thinking about.

The Problem of Pseudo-Training

Many computer programmers and IT professionals are largely self-taught, but the sort of knowledge that one can get from Q&A on the Worldwide Web is no substitute for formal, comprehensive, in-depth training.

The Neuroscience of Effective Training

Our studies showed that an experience provokes action when two networks activate in the brain. First, one must pay attention to the experience. Second, the content has to generate emotional resonance in the person experiencing it.


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