Training Top 125 Best Practice: TREMFYA Product Launch at Janssen: Pharmaceutical Companies for Johnson & Johnson

The launch training experience consisted of three phases: pre-launch, launch meeting, and post-launch.

Janssen: Pharmaceutical Companies for Johnson & Johnson recently launched a new product called TREMFYA that is used to treat plaque psoriasis. The launch training experience consisted of three phases: pre-launch, launch meeting, and post-launch.


Before the product launch, Janssen ensured the entire dermatology team (both sales reps and their managers) had the foundational knowledge they would need to be successful in the field by creating six online modules to build their expertise in clinical acumen, competitive marketplace, segmentation, access, and product knowledge. Each module was accompanied by a knowledge check; Janssen required a 90 percent score or above for passing.

Janssen began the training rollout with the sales leaders. They completed a national conference call to discuss the training prior to their teams going through it. These pre-training leadership calls allowed Janssen to train the trainers and empower them to lead the learning initiatives on their teams. Once the sales leaders had their questions answered and took the modules, Janssen asked them to provide coaching to their sales representatives while they learned the basics.

Next, Janssen required everyone to become certified in this foundational knowledge before attending the launch meeting. Each sales rep had to run a detail call demonstrating knowledge and selling skills with his or her sales leader. Reps and leaders ran role-plays using FaceTime. Leaders evaluated the reps’ performance using a standard assessment rubric, and then submitted their evaluation forms validating the certification. One hundred percent of leaders and reps passed the pre-launch certification process.

Launch Meeting

The launch meeting was an in-person event comprising five interactive workshops, which were all about applying what was learned during the pre-launch phase.

  • Visual Aid Messaging: Delivering product knowledge
  • Selling to Our Segments: Discussing clinical content with health-care providers
  • Access Workshop: Selling conversations with various stakeholders
  • Objection Handling: Handling common objections through a Family Feud-style game
  • Putting it All Together (PIAT): A simulated “long call” with a health-care provider to demonstrate competency and achieve certification

Once again, 100 percent of the sales force was successfully certified on their selling skills.


Since the product launch, the sales teams are conducting weekly execution meetings. Each Friday, they meet for 60 minutes to discuss selling trends, practice objection handling, and share best practices. Janssen also is conducting field sales rides in order to witness firsthand how calls are going.


Wrapped around the experience was a creative gaming strategy. During each phase of the experience, teams competed for the chance to win $60,000. Teams earned points for their performance on the modules, WebEx review sessions, launch meeting workshops, and Axonify gaming activities. The sales representatives with the best product detail were selected to present to the Regional Business director, and the top performers went on to present to the National Sales director. Updates were provided to the sales force live during the meeting, and the winning teams were announced the final day.


  • Level 1 Satisfaction: 6.75 (out of 7)
  • Level 2 Learning Effectiveness: 6.58 (out of 7)
  • Level 3 Job Impact: 6.8 (out of 7)
  • Level 4 Business Results: 6.56 (out of 7)
  • Level 5 ROI: 6.75 (out of 7)
  • Net Promoter Score: 74 percent

Metrics across all levels exceeded industry benchmark data as provided by Metrics that Matter.


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