Training Top 125 Best Practice: Employee Onboarding Training at LaSalle Network

Week one is designed to ensure employees hear from various internal subject matter experts, receive rich content/information, and experience practical interaction.

National staffing and recruiting firm LaSalle Network’s revamped two-week new hire onboarding training program consists of more than 100 training hours led by the Training department and LaSalle’s leadership and management teams.

Program Details

Week one is designed to ensure employees hear from various internal subject matter experts, receive rich content/information, and experience practical interaction. The objective of the first week is for new hires to leave with a strong understanding of LaSalle Network’s value proposition, specifically LaSalle’s 4-Tier Interview Process; focus on candidate experience; and run through proprietary recruiting practices. It lays out the foundation of the staffing and recruiting industry and ends with the overarching process that drives revenue for the organization.

Session topics include:

  • Business generation
  • Cross-selling
  • Reference calls
  • Social media
  • How to use the applicant tracking system
  • Interview compliance
  • Developing job postings
  • Recruiting strategy
  • Inventory management
  • Submissions
  • Quality control calls
  • LinkedIn searches
  • Roles within LaSalle
  • Candidate management
  • Reaching candidates
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews
  • Leaving effective voicemails
  • Role-playing,
  • Discovering the candidate’s needs
  • Delivering feedback
  • Updating candidate profiles

Each day is designed to ensure that process is combined with classroom-style interaction and practical role-play. One of LaSalle’s priorities is to focus on the “why” behind each action in the recruitment process. Employees get resources to utilize beyond onboarding training.

Week two is designed for client interaction with live role-plays and calls to learn about business generation and cross-selling. There is also a presentation from HR on LaSalle’s culture and values. Also discussed during training is the 3C program created by founder Tom Gimbel. The 3 Cs are Collaboration, Compassion, and Competition. Employees are encouraged to learn from one another by collaborating daily. LaSalle trains employees to have compassion for one another and encourages internal competition to drive to be better.

Trainees are asked to evaluate all presentations on both delivery and explanation of content. After the official training, LaSalle’s Training team is onsite, available to meet at any time for any questions.

In addition, a promotion track is directly tied to the training program. After the first two-week training program, new hires enter a six-month promotion program. Each month, they are monitored on specific metrics to hit and are evaluated on progress and on their success in immediately applying what they learned during the onboarding training program.


Based on the revamped training program, in five months, LaSalle Network moved from new hires filling their first order in 43.8 days to 25.4 days. The retention rate among new hires increased by 31 percent.


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