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The votes are in, and you have spoken! Training magazine is proud to unveil the winners of the 2020 Training Magazine Network Choice Awards—Training’s crowd-sourced vendor awards program.

Training magazine reveals the results of its crowd-sourced vendor awards program.

Despite the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, average training salaries grew nearly 3 percent in 2019-2020 to $87,658, according to Training magazine’s annual Salary Survey.

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COVID-19 started to take a toll on total U.S. training expenditures in 2020 as they declined more than half a percent to $82.5 billion, according to Training magazine's 2020 Training Industry Report.

You may have employees who have been with your organization for decades. They have a record of accomplishment, are well liked, and a great value to the company. The problem is your workforce needs are shifting.

How to upskill and reskill employees to rocket them into the new world of work.

Training Live + Online Certificate Courses
TMN Choice Awards

An Inside Look at Process-Oriented Organizational Work

Many organizations struggle in some of the most crucial areas that play a major role in their long-term success, including how they work with conflict; how they create and stay close to their most powerful visions; how they deal with social issues; how they keep people motivated; and how they create healthy psychological environments.

Is Lack of Work-Life Balance Contagious?

My hypothesis is that the emotions of anxiety and compulsion to overwork can be passed from one to others to the detriment of the team.

Learning Measurement Must Focus on Outcomes

Learning measurement must begin before the program is ever developed. Start with organizational goals and determine what individual behaviors and performance will help achieve those goals.

5 Strategies for Successful COVID-19 Strategic Pivots

A strategic pivot is often necessary to keep a firm grip on problems brought by COVID-19, which can include employee difficulties working from home, supply chain disruptions, and cancelled orders.

4 Ways to Keep Virtual Teams Engaged

If you manage virtual employees or teams, keep in mind that it’s all too easy to let out-of-sight turn into out-of-mind. And that can lead to employees leaving the organization.

Dollars and Sense

A look at the challenges and potential rewards of salary transparency.


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