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Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine.

Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine and Training magazine Events. Register early and save $150!

Like Virginia and Michigan, more and more U.S. states these days are turbocharging their workforce development initiatives, partnering with both educational systems and employers to ensure there are enough skilled workers to keep their economies growing.

Build Virginia

More and more states are launching major workforce development initiatives to grow their talent.

My father, management expert Ken Blanchard, recently celebrated his 80th birthday and released the newly revised third edition of the bestselling “Leading at a Higher Level.” As a part of the review and revision process, we checked in on some of the assumptions we have been making about good leadership to see if they still hold true.

The latest research shows how critical it is for organizations to have managers who are prepared to be positive leaders—managers who actively encourage productivity, engagement, commitment, and performance.

Nothing was noticeably wrong when energy utility consulting firm E Source launched its culture survey in 2017. “We weren’t trying to fix anything,” recalls VP of Operations Kym Wootten. Yet, it turns out that things actually did need fixing. The survey revealed gaps between employees’ ideal corporate culture and the E Source culture.

A look at what organizations can do to help employees love their work and propel themselves and their companies to success.

Learn More About the Training Top 125
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You wouldn’t continually allow people to steal your laptop, mobile phone or desk chair so why are we so loose with our time? Start treating meeting and teleconference time with the precision and discipline of a financial budget and you’ll see effectiveness and productivity skyrocket.

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This Industry Insight article is provided by Rich Horwath, CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute.

Localizing E-Learning: The ABCs of Voiceover and Subtitling

By Ora Solomon, Vice President of Sales and Operations Imagine you just had a meeting with your company’s chief learning officer. Your mission for 2013: Expand your corporate e-learning and training programs to include employees in Mexico and French-speaking Canada. And to really keep you on your toes, your CLO has given you only one month to develop and initiate your localization strategy.

Best Buyメs Virtual Training Event

By Margery Weinstein Best Buy historically has kicked off drive times and holiday seasons with a large-scale, offsite training event. Although these events have been branded differently throughout the years (as conferences, summits, training forums, etc.), the components that make up the events have remained consistent.

Case Study: eLearningArt Leverages ProProfs.com

eLearningArt.com is a Santa Monica, CA-based provider of e-learning templates and images for the e-learning industry. Through its people picture images, background images, templates, and other stock photos, eLearningArt empowers e-learning developers to build better training, faster. With one of the largest library of e-learning assets on the Web, eLearningArt offers trainers a wide selection to choose from, and all of its assets are developed specifically to meet the needs of an e-learning developer.

Training in the Science of Pricing Can Enhance Profitability

By Kevin Mitchell, President, Professional Pricing Society Everyone in business knows it’s all about maximizing profits. But nothing has as much impact on the bottom line as one thing: pricing. What’s the best approach for setting pricing and maximizing profitability in competitive marketplaces? In an era in which pricing is set by corporate culture, can be dictated by sales forces, and is reactive to the hyper-accelerated pace of price matching in a global market, what impact does a new, smarter, more strategic approach to pricing hold for businesses?

How to Improve Your Brand and Workplace Performance

By Jason Forrest In April 2012, I had a branding session to discuss everything our company is and isn’t. For a full day, we discussed our values, strengths, and passions. We talked about the unique qualities that separate our brand from others. It’s an important exercise for any business, but it’s important for individuals, too.

The Energy Industry Takes on Training

By Clara Lippert Glenn, President and CEO, The Oxford Princeton Programme With the U.S. unemployment rate continuing to hover just above 8 percent, it’s surprising to learn that many companies are having significant trouble filling job openings. According to last year’s survey by staffing firm Manpower Group, more than half of the nation’s employers can’t find qualified workers—and are actively looking.

From Learning to Performing (Part 1)

By Neil Shorney, Director, Naturally Sales Ltd. In the early days of my career, I attended a lot training courses: about time management, the energy industry, 3G telecommunications, how networks work…And I gained a lot of information from these courses. I still have most of this learning—it’s in my attic, just in case I ever need it.

In Search of モStickyヤ Management Training

By Bruce Tulgan Last June I found myself talking through an age-old challenge with a longstanding client, the director of training at a well-known insurance company: “What do we need to do to make our management training really stick?” Indeed, we have been trying to answer this question since we first began offering management training programs in 1995.

Top 20 Things to Negotiate for When Terminated from a Job

By Suzanne Kleinberg So you have been terminated. Assuming you haven’t been fired for just cause, your (soon-to-be- ex-) employer has handed you with an envelope with a termination package. What do you do now? Firstly, do not sign anything until you have had a couple of days to get over the shock and humiliation. Don’t succumb to pressure from your employer to sign it during your termination meeting. They are not allowed to coerce you to agree to anything. It would not be binding as you are signing under duress.

10 Tips for Global Training Instructors

By Jennifer Lawrence, Founder, Cambridge Corporate Training Once your company’s global training program is launched and underway, it’s time to turn your attention to the instructor’s teaching approach, whether the training will be offered onsite or online through Webinars and virtual classrooms. Here are 10 important teaching tips you can use to ensure that each stage in the instructional process flows smoothly and succeeds in:

Trainer Talk: Resolve to Involve

By Bob Pike CSP, CPAE
With risk goes reward. That truism hit home when I was invited to make a presentation at an international conference in Amsterdam, Holland. The presentation was to be simultaneously translated in three languages. I was told by the organizers to expect about 100 people in each of my four sessions on four different topics: leadership, problem-solving, training techniques, and marketing strategies.

How-To: Manage an Underperformer

By Brad Karsh, President, JB Training Solutions
Working with an underperformer ranks as one of the most difficult challenges any manager will face. Whether your underperformer consistently produces “meh” work, makes the same mistakes again and again, or just feels like dead weight on the team, poor performance must be addressed immediately. Great managers and leaders take the time to work with these employees to transform them into major contributors and higher-level employees. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when managing an underperformer:

Call Them No. 1...Again!

Verizon picked up the No. 1 spot on the Training Top 125 for the second year in a row, earning its induction into the Top 10 Hall of Fame in 2014 after securing positions in the Top 10 for the last four consecutive years. No. 4 Farmers Insurance likewise punched its ticket to the Top 10 Hall of Fame next year. Top 5 newcomers Jiffy Lube International, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, and CHG Healthcare Services nabbed Nos. 2, 3, and 5, respectively.

Soapbox: Building Career Courage

By Bill Treasurer, Founder, Giant Leap Consulting
I am a big ’fraidy cat. From my knee-shaking fear of heights to my tongue-stammering fear of authority figures, I live a life that seems imbued with fear. You may find it surprising, then, that I am a professional courage-builder. My personal mission, and the mission of the courage-building company I founded a decade ago, is to help people and organizations be more courageous.

Soapbox: The 10 Executive Toughness Fundamentals

By Dr. Jason Selk
I have had the privilege of serving as a performance coach to some of the most successful businesspeople on the planet, including scores of individual Fortune 500 and 100 executives. I use a methodology I call Executive Toughness, a mental training program that helps people boost their leadership performance and achieve truly ambitious goals.


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