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Lady Learning on iPad

Mobile apps serve up employee coaching, training, and career guidance on the go.

C-Level Talent

The adMare Executive Institute aims to grow C-level talent for the Canadian biopharmaceutical sector. Here’s how this 10-month program works, and the results it is generating.

On Stage

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Attendees stepped up their knowledge and skills at the Training 2020 Conference & Expo, Learning Leaders Summit, and Innovations in Training events held in February in Orlando, FL.

Lady Learning on iPad
C-Level Talent
On Stage


INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS: How to Increase Engagement with Custom eLearning

Historically, instructor-led training (ILT) has dominated learning modalities. But in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, employee training and development teams are under pressure to quickly recreate instructor-led experiences in a virtual setting. Doing so usually requires the capabilities to build custom eLearning activities, but for many Learning and Development (L&D) teams, that may seem impossible on a short timeline.

However, in addition to high-tech solutions such as gamification and immersive technologies, there are also low-tech solutions that can help.

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Surviving Training Heartbreak Via Simple Coaching

By Richard Lampner, Trainer and Account Manager, Signature Worldwide My dad was a trainer and not always thrilled about it. I never knew this when I was a kid, of course. Like many ’70s era dads, sharing his feelings and experiences was not a priority. He did “something in Personnel,” my mom said.

Ageism and the Consequence of Inexperience

By Chip Espinoza, Mick Ukleja, and Craig Rusch As a manager, if you are still unconvinced about the benefits of engaging your Millennial employees, then maybe this information is not for you. But we hope you’ll keep reading anyway, because our research contains a truly remarkable discussion, one of tremendous optimism, energy, and willingness to engage on the part of Millennial workers. Despite a societal organization that favors seniority, we encountered a keen understanding among Millennials of the value of—and eagerness to—gain experience.

Meeting the Borderless Challenge

By Terence Brake In today’s global business environment, the very nature of change has changed. This has been driven by two powerful and interdependent forces:

10 Things Your Micro-Manager Won’t Tell You

By Jack W. Reidenbach Micro-management is no laughing matter. It breeds management insecurity and emphasizes to employees a lack of trust in their work or belief in their judgment. It suppresses creativity and eliminates constructive criticism. There’s only one thing worse than a micro-manager: a micro-manager who doesn’t know he or she is a micro-manager. Here are 10 things your micro-manager won’t tell you:

Mentoring: The Art of Panning for Insight

By Chip R. Bell and Marshall Goldsmith Panning for gold is a lot like mentoring. It is not always easy. Panning for gold works like this. First, you put a double handful of sand in a heavy-gauge steel shallow pan and dip it in the water, filling it half full of water. Next, you gently move the pan back and forth as you let small amounts of yellow sand wash over the side of the pan.

How to Stop the Terror of Workplace Bullying

By Lisa Parker, President, Heads Up Coaching Are you a bully at work, and would you know it if you were? Or maybe you just have to work with one. If you’re stuck working next to someone who belittles others, acts irrationally, or otherwise causes you and your co-workers to dread going to the office, you’ll likely want some tools to help manage the situation.

WellSpan Health Empowers People with Disabilities

Edited by Margery Weinstein WellSpan Health has a long tradition of understanding the benefits of employing a diverse workforce to meet the health-care needs of a diverse community. Understanding that WellSpan’s commitment to diversity included opportunities for people with disabilities, joining other organizations that have partnered with community resources to become a training site for students with disabilities seemed like a natural fit.

Realizing a High-Skilled America: Why Assessment and Certification Should Be More Role-Relevant

By Jack Gibson Global jobless figures continue to reveal a deepening of the crisis plaguing employers in every town around the globe. A paradox between numbers of unemployed and difficulty in recruiting talent is here for a generation. And while widespread unemployment and the need to upskill populations has been widely reported, one vital ingredient is absent from the discussion: role-relevant assessment and certification.

Performance Management for Financial Institutions

“This is a book for bank/finance professionals written by a professional who clearly understands the discipline of HR/performance management and the environment of banking and finance. The book is pragmatic, focused, comprehensive, and eminently readable … a ‘must read’ for leaders in this field.”—Robert M. Fulmer, Ph.D., Vice Chair, World Business Academy,and co-author of “The Leadership Advantage: How the Best Companies Are Developing Their Talent to Pave the Way for Future Success” By Prinny Anderson

Developing Learning in an Adaptive Business Model

By David Grebow, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group The widespread adoption of Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) to author learning content is changing the way companies operate by changing the cost structure, speed of development, management, and communication of content.

Dealing with Team Challenges

By Roger Schwarz If you head up a leadership team, you probably face a variety of team challenges. Two of these challenges are dealing with direct reports who can’t resolve a conflict and dealing with direct reports who are trying to influence you. Creating a smarter team means approaching these situations with transparency, curiosity, accountability, and compassion so you and your team create informed choices. Here are two frequent challenges—when direct reports can’t agree and helping your team influence you—and ways to approach them.

Building High-Performing Teams

What is a high-performing team? A high-performing team is one that delivers what is asked for, when it is asked, without you having to roll your sleeves up and get involved as the project manager on a daily basis. 

St. Louis Cardinals: A Great Coaching Lesson

By Tim Hagen, Chief Coaching Officer, Sales Progress & Training Reinforcement Partners I’m an avid Milwaukee Brewers fan, but after the recent game when the Cardinals clinched a fourth berth in the World Series in 10 years, I realized this is not only a great organization, but one that quietly and subtly applies coaching principles needed in the business world. What a wonderful parallel! (And just for the record, I don't hate the Cardinals. I hate the Chicago Cubs.)

Case Study: Nationwide Vision Sees Results with Technology for New Hire Training

When Phoenix-based Nationwide Vision first used the beta version of the Pointmaker CPN-5600 annotation system with iPad control by Tucson-based Boeckeler Instruments, its vision on how to run its future training sessions completely changed. On a spring morning in 2013, trainers and learners were able to draw over multimedia images networked across several iPads in the room, as well as to a projector and screen. According to Sheri Mayes, field training specialist for Nationwide, “It brought us into the new age of engagement.”

The Role of Slides in Today’s Sales Training

By Corey Sommers and David Jenkins “I felt like I was in a war zone. The slides were bombs and the presenters were firing in every direction, but nobody was getting hit. It was just a bunch of loud bangs.” —Business Development Manager, Eastern Region of a large networking firm

When It Comes to Success, Equality Is a Lie

By Gary Keller and Jay Papasan Whether training others to build the competencies needed to improve their work results or focusing on hitting your own objectives, one critical question always comes up: How can I get more done in the time I have?

Integrity: A Non-Negotiable Skill

By Kathleen Brush Following the global financial meltdown, a Wall Street broker was asked how it felt to be in a profession that went from being revered to reviled. He replied, “We didn’t do anything wrong. Show me where we violated the law.” Didn’t do anything wrong?

The Tech Factor

In this fourth installment of the Skills Gap series, we look at how technology can help bridge skill gaps, available technologies and how to choose the right ones for your organization, and how to determine the training budget for these technologies.


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