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“Education doesn’t necessarily change behavior,” believes Charlotte Blank, chief behavioral officer for marketing and advertising firm Maritz. “Our environment, however, has an enormous effect on our behavior. Therefore, we can use policies and systems to nudge us in the right direction.”

Such an approach looks forward, simplifying the environment to remove barriers before they deter learning and allowing a company to fine-tune its course content and integrate personalization into module-based learning.

Gen-Z Video Call

As the 60-plus million members of Generation Z enter the workplace, adapting training programs to connect with them is mission-critical.

How L&D can cater to this rising generation’s intuitive worldview and desires.


Tips to help leaders manage, train, and motivate today’s suddenly remote workforce.

Lady Learning on iPad

Mobile apps serve up employee coaching, training, and career guidance on the go.

Gen-Z Video Call
Lady Learning on iPad

Instructional Design and the Art of Negotiation

Unless negotiation skills are acquired through other learning programs, life experiences, or on-the-job training, new managers who now have instructional design as part of their roles and responsibilities are likely to be lacking in the art of negotiation.

Strong Brands Are Distinctive

A brand, whether it is a business brand or personal brand, starts to become strong when leaders or individuals decide on what they believe in and commit to acting on those beliefs.

Benign Control for Creative Collaboration

A couple of decades ago, two academics at the University of Manchester—Susan Moger and Tudor Rickards—developed a model in which the creative leader introduces structures (protocols) that facilitate the creativity of the team. They call these structures “benign structures” as they don’t impose structural impediments to creative development and systems change.

Competence or Greatness?

Do you want competent employees or do you want employees who are working to be great? There is a huge difference in productivity between competent and great employees. This question causes organizations to rethink their approach to employee development.

Mediating Conflict

Through effective mediation, workplace conflict can be not only resolved but also a valuable source of information that leads to organizational improvement.

An Emphasis on Transfer

What can be done before, during, and after training to help ensure that what participants learn during the training actually gets used on the job?

AMP Up Your People

Unleash the power of discretionary effort by using the three key motivational levers that drive people to go the extra mile: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose (AMP).

Focus on New Zealand

Training programs that currently are in demand address management development topics, sales, customer service, and communication and presentation skills.


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