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Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine.

Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine and Training magazine Events. Register early and save $150!

Average trainer salaries dipped more than 3 percent in 2018-2019 to $85,116, according to Training’s annual Salary Survey

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Total 2019 U.S. training expenditures—including payroll and spending on external products and services—declined 5.3 percent to $83 billion.

Training magazine is bringing its popular Innovations in Training (IIT) event to Dublin, Ireland, from November 7 to 9, in conjunction with the World Conference on Online Learning that takes place from November 3 to 7 at the Dublin Convention Centre.

Training magazine’s Innovations in Training Dublin will showcase new approaches to learning at work during a field trip November 7 to 9.

Learn More About the Training Top 125
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Rapid authoring using Quick start Projects and out-of-box interactions


Authoring an eLearning course from scratch can be a daunting task with myriad of tasks like designing the user interface, screen layouts, interactions, and choosing the color scheme, images, characters and icons to go with it. And then hours and hours of developing the animations and interactions!

Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh from Adobe on Tuesday, Nov. 12, for a step-by-step demo on how to use Quick Start Projects and out-of-box interactions for creating visually appealing eLearning courses.

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Getting Scrappy With Video Creation

Videos are great resources for trainers. But what if you don’t have professional cameras or equipment? Here’s how you can take a DIY approach to video creation—and why it might be the best option.

How Much Workplace Process Is Too Much?

The trick is implementing enough process for work groups to stay organized and unified, but not so much that the process becomes the preoccupation rather than the ultimate goal of completing the project.

4 Roadblocks to Knowledge Transfer and How to Overcome Them

Transferring knowledge from any training material to any trainee is complicated. Add to that the fact that knowledge transfer can happen between employees in informal situations, and a steeplechase at the Olympics seems like a piece of cake compared to creating and delivering a successful training program.

Data Visualization: 3 Steps Toward Success

Beautiful food is more appetizing, which is why fancy restaurants spend so much time making their meals more visually appealing. Data is no different. A good visual display can do wonders for getting your point across.

Office Talk

What conversations are uncomfortable but essential to have to ensure a fair and satisfying workplace?

Marketing Techniques to Steal for Stellar E-Learning Course Design

Your e-learning course might have the most pertinent of information and might be the holy grail of training content, but if it doesn’t sell itself, the potential goes to waste. You want your course to be studied, not skimmed; memorable, not forgotten.

Reinventing Management Education in India

A coordinated and collaborative approach from all stakeholders—including educators, students, educational institutions, industry, and NGOs (non-government organizations)—is imperative to enhance employability skills in Indian students.

How to Develop People Through Conversations

Developing people through conversations is the art of exploring the territory between where they are right now and the knowledge and capability you want them to build.

Blazing New Paths to Innovation at IIT

Training magazine’s Innovations in Training (IIT) event held in New Orleans in September demonstrated that when it comes to innovation in training, it’s not just about the technology that can help us. It’s about learning what makes you creative, being intentional about how you can apply that creativity to adapt seemingly irrelevant innovations, and knowing what causes awe and delight —for both you AND your learners.


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