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TMN Choice Awards

The votes are in, and you have spoken! Training magazine is proud to unveil the winners of the 2020 Training Magazine Network Choice Awards—Training’s crowd-sourced vendor awards program.

Training magazine reveals the results of its crowd-sourced vendor awards program.

Despite the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, average training salaries grew nearly 3 percent in 2019-2020 to $87,658, according to Training magazine’s annual Salary Survey.

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COVID-19 started to take a toll on total U.S. training expenditures in 2020 as they declined more than half a percent to $82.5 billion, according to Training magazine's 2020 Training Industry Report.

You may have employees who have been with your organization for decades. They have a record of accomplishment, are well liked, and a great value to the company. The problem is your workforce needs are shifting.

How to upskill and reskill employees to rocket them into the new world of work.

TMN Choice Awards

A Safe Distance

How might we navigate around and among each other at work or events while staying a socially distanced six feet apart?

Use Empathy Maps to Understand Your Client

Empathy Mapping is a powerful visualization approach that helps ensure project success by creating a clear understanding of the individual’s or group’s perspective, need, or experience.

Training Isn’t a Drive-Thru

As trainers, we should remind ourselves that stakeholders probably don’t know they don’t have to settle for fast-food training but rather can order a gourmet meal.

Supporting SMEs—With Pizza

When instructional designers partner with subject matter experts (SMEs), one of their roles is to help SMEs choose the most crucial content for learners to absorb and present it in a meaningful way. This process leads to a “good mix”—much like the results of a successful recipe.

Change as a Second Language

If you listen and empathize, you will get key information that can help you course correct and dramatically increase people’s buy-in to change—even if they didn’t choose the direction.

Sticky Notes: Practice Extreme Alignment

How to stay aligned with so many more people than ever before—your boss, your direct reports, and your colleagues all over the organization chart.

Productivity Coach's Corner: Digging Deeper

When someone asks, “Why do you talk so much about reflection?” I always say, “To think deeply and carefully about something opens the chance that I’ll think differently, bigger, or even better.”


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