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Leader and Social Media

Most of your employees are familiar with at least one social media site, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or another. Understanding how to use these platforms to build relationships with new and prospective customers—and even colleagues—is essential these days.

Social media is more than a collaboration and marketing tool; it also can be a tool to develop leaders.


This year, the youngest of the Baby Boomer leaders will turn 61, and simple demographics assures that the need to replace the exodus of these aging leaders will accelerate rapidly over the next four to six years.

And is your organization doing enough to develop them?

New L&D Leaders

Set yourself up for success by learning from peers who have already been there.

Learn More About the Training Top 125
Leader and Social Media
New L&D Leaders



When new hires choose your company as “the one,” it’s a big deal for them and you. And it’s personal. There’s nothing they want more than to belong — to fit in, understand their role, learn the ropes, and add value to the organization right away.

Because it’s personal, one-size onboarding isn’t going to work. Organizations should look at the new hire onboarding process as a complete experience. In fact, onboarding should begin from the moment the candidate says, “Yes.” That means personalizing the offer letter and pre-boarding experience and creating more than a task checklist about workspaces, computers, and paperwork. Strategic onboarding rapidly engages enthusiastic new hires into the life of the organization and keeps them continuously engaged with every career move or transition.

Why is it so important to get onboarding right?

Learn more...

Training Top 125 Best Practice: VSP Global Emerging Leaders Program

Throughout the 52-week program, learners engage in advanced management and leadership principles and dive deep into core competencies VSP Global has identified as demonstrated skills and behaviors of effective leaders, including substantial, practically applicable self-awareness and emotional intelligence work.

May 2018’s Top Reads

More than 11,000 business books are published every year—an overwhelming choice for busy professionals. Therefore, in partnership with getAbstract, Training brings you May’s top three business books recommended to our readers.

3 Crucial Behaviors for Leading Innovation

The crux of the challenge is simply that leaders may be taking the same approach to innovation that they take to other existing organizational operations. But what works well in an operational context can cripple or doom an innovation initiative.

Learn and Lead

The workforce is a volatile place and if you can’t take the time to glean the knowledge needed to stay relevant, that workforce will find someone else to do it.

Being Proactive Pays: 5 Things Salespeople Should Do to Make Their Number

Many sellers and managers figure they need two to three times their quota in their pipelines to feel good about what the future holds. The challenge is that if a high percentage of opportunities are at the top of a seller’s funnel, a false sense that “all is well” can result.

Training Top 125 Best Practice: Team Up at United Shore

Leaders “Team Up” with other leaders in different parts of the company to learn about that area of the organization and to identify opportunities for improvement within the area they’re shadowing.

The Remedy for Disengaged Employees? A Connected Workplace

The key to successfully implementing a digital workplace platform is to make it an essential component of every employee’s day-to-day tasks, at both a productivity and social level. They’ll come for the essentials, and they will stay for the collaboration abilities, cultural content, and the community.

Are You Ready to Recruit the Post-Millennial Generation?

If your first question is about previous work experience or why the job applicant is interested in working for you, there’s a good chance a Post-Millennial will tune you out. Your question isn’t interesting or entertaining enough.

2 Keys to a Successful Learning Strategy

Creating a blended learning environment with multiple opportunities for learners to engage in a wide array of formats and modalities is the critical piece to connecting the learning strategy to business outcomes.

A Training Revolution

What e-learning has been missing is what is known as a 3-D game engine. It works by building a 3-D model of some scene, adding characters with articulated joints with motion-capture movement controlled by some intelligence, then providing a means of moving through the scene.

Should Potential Employees Interview YOU Instead?

The questions people ask are sometimes more revealing than the answers they give. If you allow job applicants to ask you whatever question they want, you get the best sense of their familiarity with your company and industry. Similarly, you get a sense of their passion and engagement.

Train Your Salespeople

Great sales management has to put a great training and coaching program in place, because there are very few salespeople who are born sellers who don’t require any direction.

3 Types of Essential Videos for Your Business

From onboarding and new employee introductions to featuring internal subject matter experts, there are many ways to incorporate these videos into a company’s culture.

Got a Crazy-Making Boss? A Few Tips

Here’s the essence: Take responsibility for outcomes resulting from interactions with your crazy-making boss. Provide the structures and processes that your boss might not be able to. And if you are already saying, “That’s not my job!” the relationship is doomed. Move on to greener pastures, if you can find any.

Training Top 125 Best Practice: TIAA's Product Proficiency Training

TIAA developed a matrix that identifies the proficiency level expected for each role to be successful in educating the clients it serves about the firm’s proprietary products. After consulting with stakeholders on the specific learning needs across these roles, TIAA designed a multifaceted learning solution.


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