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“Education doesn’t necessarily change behavior,” believes Charlotte Blank, chief behavioral officer for marketing and advertising firm Maritz. “Our environment, however, has an enormous effect on our behavior. Therefore, we can use policies and systems to nudge us in the right direction.”

Such an approach looks forward, simplifying the environment to remove barriers before they deter learning and allowing a company to fine-tune its course content and integrate personalization into module-based learning.

Gen-Z Video Call

As the 60-plus million members of Generation Z enter the workplace, adapting training programs to connect with them is mission-critical.

How L&D can cater to this rising generation’s intuitive worldview and desires.


Tips to help leaders manage, train, and motivate today’s suddenly remote workforce.

Lady Learning on iPad

Mobile apps serve up employee coaching, training, and career guidance on the go.

Gen-Z Video Call
Lady Learning on iPad

OLC Hits the High Notes

Attendees learned how to marry the power of emotion and the thrill of technology to keep learners coming back for more at the 2014 Online Learning Conference in Chicago.

Taking Training’s Measure

Measuring learning means going beyond simple assessments to get a full view of your employees’ mastery.

Talent Creation and the Bottom Line

The U.S. knowledge-based economy requires a new talent-creating financial metric that appears as an investment on a balance sheet, so that businesses can track the impact of training and education investments on both short- and long-term profits.

The Importance of Analysis to Identify Root Cause

Management often turns to organizational trainers or consultants to fix performance issues. Typically, the request received is reactionary, with little to no time spent determining the true cause of the performance issue. A job task analysis will help identify the root cause of a performance issue.

Rapid Response Learning Execution at Jiffy Lube

To respond to new offerings and market shifts, Jiffy Lube’s Training team developed a reliable, repeatable process for quickly and effectively developing new training for 2,000 stores. As a result, Jiffy Lube’s average sale per customer is 7 percent higher than the industry average, according to the 2013 Oil and Lube News survey.

Identifying the Importance of First Impressions

You only have one chance to create a first impression—a lasting impression that may affect the outcome of the customer interaction and the impression the customer has of your company. People remember how you make them feel. Make them feel legendary!

The 2G–Generic Leader

The 6G Leadership System is designed to produce Generic Leaders who operate on the 2G Network because, through time, they have demonstrated through their behaviors that they have accepted their leadership potential, and their actions have influenced others to accept them as leaders.

Manage Your Boss with Hard Skills; Lead Your Boss with Soft Skills

Your hard skills help you acquire employment, while your soft skills help you retain your longevity in employment. As such, you must strive to understand the subtle difference between them, and integrate and apply them proportionately and effectively to excel as a successful professional and leader.

Aetna Inc.’s Preceptor Program

Preceptors are clinicians partnered with newly hired or newly licensed clinicians to provide on-the-job support and skill development. In 2012, insurance provider Aetna began the transition from an ad hoc Preceptor Program to a robust, structured one. As of July 2013, 100 percent of new hires had a Preceptor, and turnover was down 50 percent.

5 Tips to Hone Communication Skills in a Global Marketplace

Take charge of your speech. Learning strong communication skills will make the difference in your career. By practicing these five tips, you can learn to transform your communication skills and deliver every message like a leader.

Using Humor to Boost Your Training Programs

Humor can help humanize cultures while reinforcing the myriad complex learning messages that talent management experts have to communicate within large, complex organizations.


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