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“Education doesn’t necessarily change behavior,” believes Charlotte Blank, chief behavioral officer for marketing and advertising firm Maritz. “Our environment, however, has an enormous effect on our behavior. Therefore, we can use policies and systems to nudge us in the right direction.”

Such an approach looks forward, simplifying the environment to remove barriers before they deter learning and allowing a company to fine-tune its course content and integrate personalization into module-based learning.

Gen-Z Video Call

As the 60-plus million members of Generation Z enter the workplace, adapting training programs to connect with them is mission-critical.

How L&D can cater to this rising generation’s intuitive worldview and desires.


Tips to help leaders manage, train, and motivate today’s suddenly remote workforce.

Lady Learning on iPad

Mobile apps serve up employee coaching, training, and career guidance on the go.

Gen-Z Video Call
Lady Learning on iPad

They've Got Game

A look at how four organizations—CMS Energy, Xerox Europe, Aon Hewitt, and Southwest Airlines—are “gamifying” training.

Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Problems that involve remote colleagues result in significantly more severe impacts to productivity, cost, quality, and time, according to a survey by VitalSmarts and Training magazine. But the situation isn’t hopeless. Here are some steps that can help.

Managing MOOCs

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) provide large numbers of learners with unlimited access to online material, but they are not for everyone.

Is Lack of Ambition a Bad Thing?

What is your company’s ideal employee? What characteristics are most important? How important do you consider dynamism and ambition?

Strength-Based Lean Thinking

A strength-based approach to Lean Thinking creates a committed and focused team working on an improvement initiative with a keen search for possibilities rather than problems.

Supercompetent Speaking: Adding Flair to Your Presentations

You don’t have to be Steve Jobs or Bill Cosby, but try to inject some flair into your presentation to bring it to life. Even if your audience remembers only a few percent of your speech the next day, you want it to be the few percent that inspires them to make changes in their lives.

Which Bird Are You? Taking Flight with the DISC Styles

For trainers committed to long-term application of insights gained in their training programs, matching the DISC personality styles to eagles, parrots, doves, and owls is an easy and memorable way to help learners connect with what they represent and remember it.

Getting Started with Camp BKD

“Camp BKD” is an extensive onboarding program held three times each year for new hires who generally are joining CPA and advisory firm BKD right out of college. Camp BKD brings new employees’ expectations in line with the firm’s expectations.

Empowering Your Employees to Make Decisions

Many of us tell customers that our employees are empowered to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. In reality, the employees are afraid of making decisions and being reprimanded for doing what, in the manager’s eyes, was a wrong decision. Here are some suggestions to give employees the right tools to make the right decisions and, therefore, feel empowered.

September’s Top Reads

More than 11,000 business books are published every year—an overwhelming choice for busy professionals. Therefore, in partnership with getAbstract, Training brings you September’s top three business books recommended to our readers.

Change: Starting from the Top

More often than not, resistance to change starts with the superiors and managers at an organization. If top management doesn’t buy into the idea of implementing change, then there is little chance change will occur.

Are You Relevant?

Organizations need a way to connect to the customers they are trying to reach. Every product, brand, and cause presents an opportunity for connection, but what will a person choose? Facing a staggering range of alternatives, people will connect with what is most meaningful to them. What seems most important. What is most relevant.

If Cash Is King, Then Reducing Employee Turnover Is Queen

A tribal casino and resort organization discovered ineffective mid-level managers were creating undesirable work environments and driving a 40 percent turnover rate. The solution involved implementing training for not only mid-level managers but senior-level leaders, as well, to send a message of the importance of the training.


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