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Best Buy

The retailer saw great gains in learning and development in 2019 with a new virtual leadership learning environment; cutting-edge leveraging of technology; and a continued emphasis on building a high-performing, inclusive workforce.

Dollar General

Fueled by its mission of Serving Others—both customers and employees—Dollar General Corporation, LLC, rang up another #1 ranking on the Training Top 125, earning the retailer induction into the Training Top 10 Hall of Fame in 2021 after finishing in the Top 10 for four consecutive years.

The retailer adds a second consecutive #1 ranking on the Training Top 125 to its inventory.


At MasTec Utility Services, employee training can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why the company—which provides utility construction services for the communications, power, and natural gas industries in North America—believes you can never have too much training.

In addition to ensuring employee safety and improved performance, MasTec Utility Services' training gives team members a chance to grow as professionals and achieve their goals and dreams.

Training magazine’s TechLearn 2020 Conference
Best Buy
Dollar General


INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS: The Overlooked Success Factors Of M&A: The Human Factor

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) require a significant organizational change. So early success factors are best measured by the integration of people and processes.

This article will explore challenges, common mistakes, and solutions around organizational integrations.

Learn more...

AI in the Workplace

5 ways artificial intelligence is changing the workplace, according to AppZen. 

The H Factor

According to a global survey by Workhuman, a provider of human applications, the answer to retention lies in meaningful work and creating a human-focused environment built upon trust, recognition, respect, gratitude, autonomy, and equity. 

Cheers to 20 Years!

For the last 20 years, Training magazine has recognized organizations that provide best-in-class employee training and development. 

2020 Training Top 10 Hall Of Fame Induction

The Training Top 10 Hall of Fame expanded by one member in 2020, with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World inducted during the Training Top 125 Gala held February 24.

Training Top 125 2020 Winners

Training magazine's 20th annual ranking of the top companies with employer-sponsored workforce training and development.

Training Ensures United Shore’s Success

The wholesale mortgage lender had a banner year, with milestones in the recruitment and training of IT professionals, leadership development, and retention and “shoring” up of its corporate culture.

All Aboard For Training At BNSF Railway Company

A global driver training program, greater use of virtual reality, and a future-forward management program were a few of the standout accomplishments of BNSF Railway Company’s Learning team.

Best Buy’s Best-In-Class Learning And Development

The retailer saw great gains in learning and development in 2019 with a new virtual leadership learning environment; cutting-edge leveraging of technology; and a continued emphasis on building a high-performing, inclusive workforce.

What Martial Arts Has (Re)Taught Me About Learning Things

The in-person, extended, and feedback-intensive methods reflected in what I’ve learned from my martial arts experiences are often the right approach to use both in selecting learning methods for ourselves or providing learning experiences for others.

How to Make Learning a Pillar of Business Success

Organizations must stop paying mere lip service to the transformation of learning and break out of the traditional practices, processes, and infrastructure that keep them from moving forward.

The Benefits of Gamified Learning in Cybersecurity

Organizations that offer gamified exercises to cyber teams report that 96 percent of workers see benefits, including increased awareness of weaknesses, knowledge of how breaches occur, improved teamwork and response times, and enhanced self-efficiency.

Want to Make Great Videos? Punch Perfectionism in the Face

If you want to make better, more effective, impactful, meaningful videos—push the record button. And then do it again and again and again. And every time you do, purge that urge to have everything be perfect, while methodically and purposefully getting better.

3 Steps to Create Training Experiences Employees Will Embrace

L&D professionals must step out from underneath the pressure of becoming experts in the relevant business area each time they are tasked with creating content. Instead they should be facilitators who create space for the actual stakeholders—those who work in that business area day in and day out—to step in and provide the right information.

Alignment and Communication

Alignment means being authentically connected with who you are (now, not who you were in the past), what you want, and your innermost sense of purpose, as well as your unique strengths and values. Central to aligned leadership is the ability to convey—communicate—alignment to others.


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