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Best Buy

The retailer saw great gains in learning and development in 2019 with a new virtual leadership learning environment; cutting-edge leveraging of technology; and a continued emphasis on building a high-performing, inclusive workforce.

Dollar General

Fueled by its mission of Serving Others—both customers and employees—Dollar General Corporation, LLC, rang up another #1 ranking on the Training Top 125, earning the retailer induction into the Training Top 10 Hall of Fame in 2021 after finishing in the Top 10 for four consecutive years.

The retailer adds a second consecutive #1 ranking on the Training Top 125 to its inventory.


At MasTec Utility Services, employee training can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why the company—which provides utility construction services for the communications, power, and natural gas industries in North America—believes you can never have too much training.

In addition to ensuring employee safety and improved performance, MasTec Utility Services' training gives team members a chance to grow as professionals and achieve their goals and dreams.

Training magazine’s TechLearn 2020 Conference
Best Buy
Dollar General


INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS: The Overlooked Success Factors Of M&A: The Human Factor

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) require a significant organizational change. So early success factors are best measured by the integration of people and processes.

This article will explore challenges, common mistakes, and solutions around organizational integrations.

Learn more...

A 2020 Vision of Leadership Development

The biggest causes of insufficient leadership are inadequate succession management and ineffective identification of high-potentials, Brandon Hall Group research found.

It’s Time to Combine Security Awareness and Privacy Awareness Training

In a joined Security and Privacy Awareness training program, employees can recognize that the world they live in at work is much like the one they live in in their daily lives, and that they play a role in deciding what to share and who to share it with, as well as a critical role in keeping their own access and their own data protected.

Creating Privacy in an Open-Plan Office

The discomfort of feeling like you are on display is just one of the many drawbacks of the open-plan layout—others include lack of noise control, constant visual distractions, and lack of personal storage space.

Employees Aren’t Happy with Their Training

Training is still heavy on classroom lectures and written tests. Is it any wonder that new hires and old hands alike come out of sessions glassy-eyed and bored beyond measure?

The Future of Testing: How to Give Modern Learners Modern Testing

Modern learners want to be tested on current content that’s customized to their job role. They want testing that truly validates their skills and allows them to pick up new ones as technology evolves. They want credentials that mean something real.

The Comeback Question

Should employees who have taken a break from full-time professional work for a significant time be given equal consideration for jobs as those who have worked professionally uninterrupted during the same time period?

5 Tips for Establishing Mindfulness in the Workplace

From sharp increases in focus and productivity to improvements in emotional intelligence, research on mindfulness has shown a wide range of quantitative and qualitative benefits in the workplace.

Setting Goals for Training Milestones in 2020

One of the most important things you need to do in order to stay laser focused on your 2020 goals is to communicate the results you want to achieve to your entire team.

Don’t Treat Me Like You Want to Be Treated

It’s only when we can truly walk in our customers’ shoes that we can adopt the right mindset, and create a customer experience journey to serve them as they wish to be served.

There Is No Generational Cheat Sheet

The key to engaging and retaining the best talent today is to take it one person at a time, one day at a time—situational leadership based on who, why, what, where, and how an individual should be managed in order to do his or her best work.


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