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TMN Choice Awards

The votes are in, and you have spoken! Training magazine is proud to unveil the winners of the 2020 Training Magazine Network Choice Awards—Training’s crowd-sourced vendor awards program.

Training magazine reveals the results of its crowd-sourced vendor awards program.

Despite the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, average training salaries grew nearly 3 percent in 2019-2020 to $87,658, according to Training magazine’s annual Salary Survey.

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COVID-19 started to take a toll on total U.S. training expenditures in 2020 as they declined more than half a percent to $82.5 billion, according to Training magazine's 2020 Training Industry Report.

You may have employees who have been with your organization for decades. They have a record of accomplishment, are well liked, and a great value to the company. The problem is your workforce needs are shifting.

How to upskill and reskill employees to rocket them into the new world of work.

TMN Choice Awards

Pay Transparency vs. Salary Secrecy

Salary transparency is likely to increase as the modern era of the “personal-made-public” and the demand for equity across all demographics continue.

The Most Important Conversations to Have with Your Employees

As companies begin to reopen offices during the pandemic, the first leadership conversation with employees should be based in empathy and reinforcement of the message: “We care about our employees. Your health and safety is our top priority.”

Afraid to Lose? Conquer Your Loss Aversion for Long-Term Gain

As one of the many cognitive biases hard-wired into our brains, many of us simply do not want to experience loss. So we take what seems like a safer bet. But when we fail to take worthwhile risks, we also lose more over the long term.

No Distance Is Too Far When Coaching Sales Skills

To optimize productivity, sales managers should use personalized coaching solutions and focus on developing key skills such as discovery, whether the rep is sitting in the same office with them or is 25 miles away.

3 Myths about the Gamification of Learning

It’s important for training professionals to carefully consider their objectives and specific audiences instead of simply jumping onto the latest training craze.

How Competencies Can Help You Build a Strong Employee Team

Competencies can help your team to “see and understand” the same goal (working toward the bigger picture) because they make it easy to define your organization’s vision, goals, and mission statement into clear and observable qualities for employees.

Protecting Workforce Productivity During a Crisis

Adopting technology solutions that provide predictive analytics and strategically enable organizations to leverage existing talent can be used to identify employees with transferable skills, while at the same time planning for future needs by identifying knowledge gaps and recommending training where needed.


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