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Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine.

Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine and Training magazine Events. Register early and save $150!

Average trainer salaries dipped more than 3 percent in 2018-2019 to $85,116, according to Training’s annual Salary Survey

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Total 2019 U.S. training expenditures—including payroll and spending on external products and services—declined 5.3 percent to $83 billion.

Training magazine is bringing its popular Innovations in Training (IIT) event to Dublin, Ireland, from November 7 to 9, in conjunction with the World Conference on Online Learning that takes place from November 3 to 7 at the Dublin Convention Centre.

Training magazine’s Innovations in Training Dublin will showcase new approaches to learning at work during a field trip November 7 to 9.

Learn More About the Training Top 125
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Rapid authoring using Quick start Projects and out-of-box interactions


Authoring an eLearning course from scratch can be a daunting task with myriad of tasks like designing the user interface, screen layouts, interactions, and choosing the color scheme, images, characters and icons to go with it. And then hours and hours of developing the animations and interactions!

Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh from Adobe on Tuesday, Nov. 12, for a step-by-step demo on how to use Quick Start Projects and out-of-box interactions for creating visually appealing eLearning courses.

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Top Ways Employees Would Change Their Managers

Asking employees for long-winded, in-depth feedback about their bosses as part of a 360-degree performance review can be daunting, but requesting them to submit a list of the top few things they would like to change about their bosses quickly gets to the point of how each manager most needs to improve.

How Can We Learn When We Are So Frazzled?

What if we could take a fresh look at our businesses and our lives, reconsider what is really important, and start to focus our time and energy on those things that matter?

Overcoming the Top 5 Barriers to Public Speaking

How to deal with the excruciating embarrassment of getting it wrong in front of an audience of strangers who have no vested interest in seeing you succeed is one of the nightmares that haunts every public speaker.

Training Employees to Be “Visible”

In leadership development programs, should there be a segment on how to gain the attention of people in the organization who can support and bolster an employee’s career? If so, what can you teach people about how to do that?

How to Become a Professional Technical Writer

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has revealed through research that the demand for technical writers will grow 10 percent until 2024, due to the increase in scientific and technical products.

Training to Be a Chief

The substance of a successful team involves everyone working together on all aspects of engagement with a Chief who can combine the qualities of each such that the collective best can be expressed as a team.

Too Many Leaders Are Managing on Autopilot

Managers should start by setting aside one hour every day as sacrosanct time for managing. During that hour, they do not fight fires. They use that hour for managing up front, before anything goes right, wrong, or average.

How to Help Employees Establish Better Habits at Work

Habits can be maximized every day by using targeted micro-activities: simple actions that take only a few minutes and prime people to engage in positive behaviors for the rest of the day.


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