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Training magazine’s Training Top 125 Award winners are the organizations with the most successful learning and development programs in the world. The 2018 winners were recently announced.

Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine.

Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine and Training magazine Events. Register early and save $150!

Sonic Automotive’s greatest challenge recently has been a decreasing SAAR (Seasonally Annual Adjusted Rate) of new car sales, as the United States is selling fewer new cars year-over-year. To overcome this, Sonic Automotive had to make wise training investments focused on maximizing ROI.

In an automotive retail industry that traditionally has limited its investment in training, Sonic Automotive boosted its Training team and spent $150 million on iPads and iPhones for all Sales and Service associates.


Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (LeadingRE) lives up to its name—and more—as it moves into the No. 1 spot on the 2018 Training Top 125, underscoring its firm commitment to best-in-class employee training and development.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World moves into the top spot on the 2018 Training Top 125.

Community Bancorp

With offices across multiple states, New York Community Bancorp, Inc., faced the common challenge of delivering consistent training within the organization. In response, the company distinguished itself by offering future-oriented technology solutions while expanding on the diversity of content and programming.

New York Community Bancorp, Inc., used the last year to firm up its position as a 21st century provider of learning solutions, offering employees the latest technologies and innovations for growth.

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Community Bancorp



When new hires choose your company as “the one,” it’s a big deal for them and you. And it’s personal. There’s nothing they want more than to belong — to fit in, understand their role, learn the ropes, and add value to the organization right away.

Because it’s personal, one-size onboarding isn’t going to work. Organizations should look at the new hire onboarding process as a complete experience. In fact, onboarding should begin from the moment the candidate says, “Yes.” That means personalizing the offer letter and pre-boarding experience and creating more than a task checklist about workspaces, computers, and paperwork. Strategic onboarding rapidly engages enthusiastic new hires into the life of the organization and keeps them continuously engaged with every career move or transition.

Why is it so important to get onboarding right?

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Civility, We Miss You!

Some 75% of respondents say incivility in America has risen to crisis levels, and 34% have experienced incivility at work, according to the Civility in America: A Nationwide Survey 2017, by Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate in partnership with KRC Research.

The Changing Sales Model: Sales Success in 2017

6 competency-based sales success models that scientifically link personal attributes, behavioral patterns, and competencies with performance across differing levels of sales complexity.

Fixing Diversity Programs—Diversity, Inclusion, and Deliberate Practice

Employing Deliberate Practice can be the solution to move from theory to practice and overcome the “know-do” gap. Being able to say out loud the words that are feared most and to receive feedback in a safe, judgment-free environment will increase confidence and give participants the opportunity to correct and explore without consequences.

Will Harvey Weinstein Make It Harder to Champion Women?

Rather than helping women by bringing to light how easily harassment can occur, recent sexual harassment scandals may make male executives skittish about championing young women they believe in—especially if championing means a lot of one-on-one time.

Accelerating Talent Development

If you have invested heavily to recruit potential difference-makers into your company, you will naturally want to build processes that accelerate their development. This entails revisiting many of your HR practices and procedures—training, job assignments, compensation, and so on—with that goal in mind.

Success Sutras for CEOs

Today’s CEOs must ensure that their passion, energy, and vision are constantly aligned with their organizations to successfully overcome leadership challenges.

Document Your Performance to Get the Recognition Your Deserve at Work

Put yourself on a “Continuous Improvement Plan”—together with your boss, spell out expectations for your performance. Keep track in writing as you complete each item. Regularly report to your boss and have him or her document exactly how and when your concrete actions met expectations every step of the way.

Want to Improve Contact Center Training? Try a Gamification Approach

Well-designed games permit users to develop directed, empathic responses to carefully crafted situations and permutations. These types of simulations are particularly useful when training customer service representatives (CSRs) in a contact center environment, where customer emotions can run high.

October 2017’s Top Reads

More than 11,000 business books are published every year—an overwhelming choice for busy professionals. Therefore, in partnership with getAbstract, Training brings you October’s top three business books recommended to our readers.

Training magazine Announces 2017 TTV Winners

“Mneumonic Nmagic” by VitalSmarts took the #1 spot in the in-house category, and “Game Show” by Resonate Pictures nabbed #1 in the category of videos produced by a professional video company for a client.

Do Employees Need a Professional “Brand”?

In today’s social media-driven culture, many people carefully curate the images they post to their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and create professional Websites with professionally created personal logos. They think about and brand themselves with an amount of attention that in the old days would have been reserved for commodities like potato chips and clothing lines.


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