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Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine.

Training Live + Online Certificate Programs are available exclusively online, and fit around your busy schedule, while still providing the professional know-how and in-depth content you've come to expect from Training magazine and Training magazine Events. Register early and save $150!

Girl and Boy Scouts demonstrate life skills and perform service activities in pursuit of merit badges. Military personnel earn badges of honor with acts of valor. Employees may receive ID badges with additional privileges or access when they are promoted. Even today’s fitness trackers provide badges for steps taken and miles logged.

How organizations can use badging to encourage learning and generate results.

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Learning management systems have tremendous capacity for obtaining and storing data about your learners and your organization. But how easy is it for you to access that information, and how adept are you at using it?

Super Portal

Learning portals are assumed to have superhero qualities that, in a perfect world, let them overcome learning challenges in a single bound and demolish roadblocks with bolts of logic. In a perfect world, each learning portal would be as intuitive as Amazon and as searchable as Google. Achieving those goals isn’t easy, but it is possible.

How to turn your learning portal into a superhero that vanquishes training challenges.

Learn More About the Training Top 125
Training Live + Online Certificate Programs
deep dive
Super Portal



As the number of in-person trainings diminishes—just 41% of trainings are now delivered in traditional classroom settings—facilitators face the challenge of converting in-person experiences to online environments.

This is actually good news, as many features found in virtual classrooms can be used to mirror and even improve the in-person experience in ways that are more accessible for learners.

But you have to get it right.

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How to Create a Successful Digital and Social Media Strategy

Make it clear to employees what’s OK to share online, how and when to do so, and the most appropriate manner in which to conduct outreach efforts. With every employee a brand ambassador, training should begin the first day on the job to reinforce and instill the importance of these corporate values.

When the Wind Blows

Hurricane Harvey’s impact on workplaces and employees.

Training Top 125 Best Practice: Gables Residential’s LEADER Program

Gables Residential was developing employees who were knowledgeable and competent in their respective jobs, but the organization was not developing leaders. To address this critical skill gap, T&D designed and developed an internal front-line manager leadership development program called LEADER.

How to Bridge the Company Culture Perception Gap

When it comes to the effectiveness of communication strategies, listening to employees, and knowledge-sharing opportunities in the workplace, HR sees room for improvement, while company leaders typically are satisfied with the current state of these areas, according to a recent Bonfyre survey.

The Culture of Extraordinary

Exceptional teams willingly live between the turbulent edges of outstanding success and embarrassing failures. Their culture becomes the glue for the turbulence. They develop a sustained ability to be successful because of this deliberate culture. It’s not just a culture of success—it’s a culture of extraordinary.

Do Millennials Need Special Training?

The solution is not to create special training for Millennials, but to update all training programs to meet today’s learning needs of all employees.

Tips for Handling Narcissistic Behaviors

In the workplace, dealing with toxic narcissistic behaviors can be purgatory, particularly when the person exhibiting those behaviors is your boss.

Diversity in Small Spaces Can Equal Greater Success

The challenge of surviving tight quarters with people you wouldn’t necessarily invite to a dinner party means you’re forced to acknowledge those people’s strengths, and make the most of them.

Retaining Top Talent

Many companies still cling to outdated notions of what drives their employees in order to determine the incentives they provide.

4 Key Factors Contributing to the Increasing Complexity of Change

Change can be enticing, liberating, galvanizing, promising, and/or rejuvenating for those with an accommodative mindset. On the other hand, it also can trigger feelings of foreboding, vulnerability, intimidation, unjustness, and/or retribution for those with an apprehensive disposition.

Increasing Women in Leadership Roles

Stop focusing on the numbers. Instead, critically evaluate and modify your recruitment and promotion strategies for promising female leaders.


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Training Top 125

Minneapolis, MN (November 18, 2014)—Training magazine, the leading business publication for learning and development professionals, today announced the finalists for the annual Training Top 125, which ranks companies’ excellence in employer-sponsored training and development programs.

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When my husband suggested we get Fitbits earlier this year, I demurred. “I walk the same three-mile route every day,” I said. “I don’t need a fitness tracker to know how many steps I’ve taken.”

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