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How Pivot Spaces Can Provide Pandemic Relief

Pivot spaces are open spaces with couches, chairs, and even desks, in casual arrangements reminiscent of lounge areas that can be reconfigured to encourage socially distanced groups.

Why You Should NOT Consider Culture Fit When Hiring

“Culture fit” often translates into a requirement that new employees have similar life experiences and a similar perspective as existing employees, thereby often eliminating women and minorities.

Can a Remote Workforce Be a Toxic Workforce?

Whereas many employers used to respect the regular working hours of employees, working from home means many no longer do. Micromanagement can be another toxic problem worsened by working virtually.

Are Your Employees Suffering From “Boreout”?

Organizations face a balancing act to keep employees feeling secure and in control of their responsibilities without feeling like they are doing their work on autopilot and becoming unengaged and bored.

What Are the Keys to a Passionate Workplace?

The rules, regulations, and directives a company imposes should serve to make employees feel safe and secure enough to explore and let their passions guide their work.

The Joys of Returning to an Empty Office

Coming back to a nearly empty office two days a week, I’ve been enjoying working in silence instead of blocking noise by listening to music on my headphones.

Should Working Independently Be Encouraged in the Age of COVID-19?

The requirements of the strange time we’re in make compulsive in-person collaboration a liability rather than an advantage. Today’s social distancing requirements provide a perfect opportunity to enhance employees’ abilities to work independently.


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