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What Has COVID-19 Done to the Tech Workplace?

For many tech-industry employees, a highly interactive, collaborative work environment is the norm. The question is whether these interaction-based offices will ever return to exactly what they were in pre-pandemic days—and what that means for employees’ psychological well-being.

Will the Pandemic Create Office Scapegoats?

Scapegoating is group bullying, often the result of an unhealthy corporate culture. It creates a human punching bag a group uses to release pent-up anxiety and frustration.

How to Train Your Employees NOT to Be a Stressor for Co-Workers

Much has been said about respecting colleagues from the perspective of avoiding insulting, demeaning, prejudicial, harassing comments and behavior. Less has been said about how shoddy work habits can show disrespect for co-workers.

How to Talk About Racial Inequality at Work

An important part of the racial inequality conversation is becoming conscious of our own shortcomings, and finding ways to not let those shortcomings impact how we treat others.

When Your Employees Want—and Need—You to Speak Up

Many of your employees and customers have strong feelings about the recent protests and unrest following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police. How is your organization responding?

How Much Comfort Can You Sacrifice for Safety?

As companies welcome employees back to the in-person workplace, safety is important, but the measures you take will be counterproductive if they are so cumbersome and unpleasant that people disregard them entirely.

Is Workplace Meditation the Answer to Pandemic Panic?

Business as usual—let alone business amid a pandemic—is stressful. Now is the time to explore all resources, including meditation, that can bring relief to employees, and as a result, improved service to customers.

The Post-Pandemic Workplace

When offices reopen, many organizations will need to decide whether they want—or can—bring back all employees into the office. And some employees may decide they prefer to continue working from home for the long term.


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