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Human Capital Trends to Prepare for

From “teaming” to searching for new leaders and cultivating mid-level employees, here are some trends that may have an impact on your organization.

Are Movies a Useful Tool for Training Millennials?

The trick to making movies count as a training tool is setting the stage for employees with a conversation beforehand with questions to consider as they watch, and then to follow up with a conversation after in which employees are asked to share their answers to those questions.

What Does Your Ideal Workspace Look Like?

When I think about the ideal office environment, I think most of how to avoid the things (and people) that make me uncomfortable and distract me from my work.

Is Your Own Company a Good Place to Be a Woman?

As Learning professionals consider how best to support the advancement of women in their organizations, it’s important to think about if they, themselves, have experienced subtle biases against women.

Can Your Employees Learn from Political Candidates?

This year’s presidential candidates are prototypes of personalities many of us have in our companies. Figuring out how to build on each of their strengths, while offsetting their weaknesses, can help you build a stronger leadership team.

Creating a Coaching Culture

In a coaching culture, no one should be too senior and lofty to learn a new skill—and to be able to use that new skill to work with those they manage on finding workable solutions.

Can "Innocence" Be a Good Thing in the Workplace?

Tips to cultivate a corporate culture that creates managers and employees with open minds, always willing to give a new face in the work group, or department, a fair chance.


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