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Generations in the Workplace: A Zero-Sum Game?

With workforces still much slimmer than they were years ago, young up-and-comers can be left with few development opportunities as they wait for someone above them to vacate their position.

The Pros of Non-Hierarchical Leadership

In addition to the pragmatism of putting the most competent person for any given project in the lead, rotating leadership means all employees eventually are given a chance to prove themselves as candidates for promotion and greater long-term responsibility.

Can a corporate wellness program be coercive?

I came across an article last week that got me thinking. The piece, “When Does Workplace Wellness Become Coercive?” resonates with me because I think I have the potential to, myself, become a coercer—and that may not be a bad thing. I have a great idea that will make our population much healthier, but many will be angry with me when I share it: I want companies to receive monetary incentives from the federal government to hire and retain only non-smoking employees.

Are Employers Responsible for Employee Happiness?

I would argue that they are not. Their only responsibility is to provide a fair and efficient workplace in which employees are given manageable workloads and deadlines, and fair compensation with rewards for successes.

Talent Analytics: What Should We Focus on?

In addition to retention and engagement, if I were a trainer or HR manager, I would be paying attention to the number of open positions annually that are filled by in-house candidates.


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