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COVID-19: A Leadership Proving Ground?

Assessing how managers and executives respond to the COVID-19 crisis can be helpful in determining their future leadership path.

Will COVID-19 Kill the Open-Plan Office?

In the near term, offices will become less friendly, but, potentially, healthier places. And a much-preferred change of pace for us introverts.

Is a Meeting by Video Better than by Phone?

When in a group, people tend to look around the room for confirmation that their opinion is OK or to see which idea, already approved by the group, they can latch onto. When a meeting is happening by phone, it’s harder to gauge how others feel before offering your own response.

COVID-19: Working on Lockdown

My assumption was working from home would make me more productive because I wouldn’t have the distractions of office life to contend with. After the first full week of housebound work, I’m not sure that’s true.

How Much Should We Accommodate Generation Z?

An article a few weeks ago in The New York Times talked about keeping Generation Z workers happy. The idea of hiring a consultant especially for that purpose was dangled. Is that really necessary?

How Important Is the Ability to Reflect?

It’s in the solitude and quiet that exciting new discoveries often emerge. If employees get a lot done, but have no time to consider what any of it means, then you end up with a workforce of robots.


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