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Training Day Blog

Realizing the Dream of the Mobile, Flex-Time Workplace

If you communicate expectations to employees and hold them accountable for their work and deliverables, what is the danger of allowing them to work the hours, and in the places, they desire?

What Is Compassionate Leadership?

Proponents of compassionate leadership believe “kindness is the key” in managing workplace challenges and effectively leading employees.

A Question for the Ages

How do you ensure new ideas and opportunities for young and middle-aged employees aren’t trumped by organizational loyalty to the Baby Boomer generation?

Can You Train Your Way to Stress Management?

“Culture-change training”—in which employees are taught to promote mental health awareness across their company—and a mindset of organizational support at every level can help employees manage stress.

How Much Workplace Process Is Too Much?

The trick is implementing enough process for work groups to stay organized and unified, but not so much that the process becomes the preoccupation rather than the ultimate goal of completing the project.

Office Talk

What conversations are uncomfortable but essential to have to ensure a fair and satisfying workplace?

The Joy of Multitasking

Multitasking means exposure to more ideas and greater opportunities to use your creativity and imagination.

If You Can’t Beat Millennials, Join Them

Maybe a turtle culture is best—one in which you give employees opportunities to connect and collaborate, and also a great shell to retreat into for shelter and introspection.

When Is the Cost of Winning Too High?

The expression, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” has always resonated for me. If it turns out you can’t reach your ideal goal without damaging costs, then maybe you can still reach a place that’s heading in the right direction, and is an improvement.


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