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Training Day Blog

Workplace AI OK with You?

Regardless of potential concerns about utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace, I still think it could be helpful. In particular, I’m dreaming of an AI executive assistant for all of us.

Is “Collaborative Leadership” Really a Good Thing?

A compulsively collaborative culture can make leaders neurotic about pursuing ideas they come up with on their own. It makes it hard to be a visionary. Without visionaries, we’ll have far fewer bold, next-big-thing ideas.

Ageism in the Workplace

How does your company show older employees that they are valued? What kinds of programs, or accommodations, do you offer your most seasoned workers?

Is Your Workplace Frictionless?

The idea of a frictionless office is to create an employee experience that is seamless, without unnecessary waiting or superfluous tasks.

Is Your Company Lacking in Neurodiversity?

Savvy employers are starting to recognize the benefits to innovation of getting input from people whose brains work differently from most others’.

Top Ways Employees Would Change Their Managers

Asking employees for long-winded, in-depth feedback about their bosses as part of a 360-degree performance review can be daunting, but requesting them to submit a list of the top few things they would like to change about their bosses quickly gets to the point of how each manager most needs to improve.

Training Employees to Be “Visible”

In leadership development programs, should there be a segment on how to gain the attention of people in the organization who can support and bolster an employee’s career? If so, what can you teach people about how to do that?


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