Training Day Blog

Training Day Blog

High-Tech Workplace S.O.S.

Will a growing percentage of our work transferred to machines mean it will become easier to ask for—and receive—help?

Workplace Anger Management 101

How can you train employees to productively express anger or frustration and then move on without irreparably damaging workplace relationships?

Go Ahead and Record Me at Work—Please!

How can audio and video recordings of employee interactions, such as at meetings, be used as a tool to improve workgroup and individual performance?

Is Collaboration Overrated?

As I brainstorm survival techniques for an introvert in an open-plan office, I dream of a day when “collaboration” will be more than the peanut gallery offering comments and criticism while one or two people carry the load.

Is “Workplace Wellness” a Lie?

According to a new study, 39 wellness-related outcomes were measured, from sick days to health-care spending. The researchers found no significant effect in 37 of the 39 outcomes.

Is Your Company Creating Good Citizens?

A recent study suggests that employees who feel oppressed in the workplace may be deterred from participating in their local civic life.


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