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Training Day Blog

When Training Helps the Company, But Not Employees

Should corporate training programs be viewed solely as a way to equip employees to serve a company’s own needs, or should such training programs also provide employees with the opportunity to advance in their career and earn more money, so their lives can be improved, too?

Do Workplace Diversity Groups Help or Marginalize?

I’ve never felt a desire for a women’s club at any of the companies I’ve worked for. What does appeal to me is being assigned a mentor, a seasoned woman at my company I could think of as a corporate big sister.

Managing Wedding Season at the Office

Do employees say, “I do,” to conflict or do leaders use additional social opportunities that arise from weddings and other life events to improve team cohesion?

Does Down Time Make Better Employees?

When an employee is asked to be on call all the time, with a boss who texts at night and on the weekends, the time to disengage the brain as a workhorse is lost. The brain is never taken out of its harness to stretch itself and have a strong flow of ideas.

Does Being Ethical Just Mean Following the Rules?

To me, being truly ethical means striving to be more than just a rule follower. It means avoiding actions that create suffering for others you wouldn’t want to experience yourself.

Technology to Match Employees and Managers?

Many people these days find their life mates using online dating sites, some of which have assessments people take to determine the personality traits that go best with potential matches. Could that same technology be applied to a company’s intranet to match managers with employees?


Wouldn’t be great to bring new ideas, and unorthodox approaches, to a CEO, and see her eyes widen with excitement instead of fear? My custom-made CEO would say: “That’s interesting! What can we do to make that happen?”

Good Results, But Abusive Work Environment

How can organizations create a competitive, entrepreneurial environment that produces results without encouraging abuse such as that reported on recently at companies such as Uber?


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