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Training Day Blog

Communicating Without Offense

What do you teach managers about communicating with employees, so they get the desired message without feeling alienated or resentful? Does a generational shift in the workplace also necessitate a shift in communication style?

Learning How Not to Be Boring

How do you keep your work processes and products interesting and stimulating for your employees and customers?

Training Wellness

What does your company teach executives and managers about facilitating employee wellness? What aspects of your corporate culture make wellness more, rather than less, likely?

What Political Discussion in the Workplace Can Teach Your Company

What productive conversations, related to the workplace and business, can arise from the political debates happening right now? As Learning professionals, how can you create a safe and constructive forum for those discussions to take place?

Can You Help Managers Energize Your Workforce?

Employees get energized when they see they have a future at the company, and their hard work is going to result in a pay raise, a higher-level title, and/or more exciting or challenging responsibilities.

Open Office Purgatory

As an introvert, who can’t tolerate eyes on her for long periods of time without feeling those eyes sucking the life out of her, few things in the workplace sound worse to me than an open office layout.

Should You Wire Employees for Happiness Measurement?

Some employers now are beginning to use technological methods to gauge employee well-being. At Hitachi, for example, employees wear happiness-measuring sensors that are housed in badges.

You Can’t Beat Olympic Athletes, So Join Them

Would your company be open to allowing work groups to watch some of this year’s Olympic games at the office together, and then to use this activity as a learning tool? What do you think the Olympics’ elite athletes and teams can teach your employees?

Cultivating the Learning Leader

Having the ability to listen attentively should be an initial interpersonal qualification. The quality that really should put a person over the top as a good candidate for promotion is having a passion for listening and learning about others.


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