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Training Day Blog

Should You Wire Employees for Happiness Measurement?

Some employers now are beginning to use technological methods to gauge employee well-being. At Hitachi, for example, employees wear happiness-measuring sensors that are housed in badges.

You Can’t Beat Olympic Athletes, So Join Them

Would your company be open to allowing work groups to watch some of this year’s Olympic games at the office together, and then to use this activity as a learning tool? What do you think the Olympics’ elite athletes and teams can teach your employees?

Cultivating the Learning Leader

Having the ability to listen attentively should be an initial interpersonal qualification. The quality that really should put a person over the top as a good candidate for promotion is having a passion for listening and learning about others.

Does Online Job Search Technology Work for Your Company?

When new positions open up, it’s not unusual for employers to receive hundreds, or even a thousand, or more, applications. The online universe promises such a great pool of applicants, it’s often too much of a good thing.

How Can We Best Train Police—and Ourselves?

The best way to neutralize bias so people are aware of it, and are hopefully able to make an effort to not let it influence their professional decisions, is exposure to those they otherwise might not interact with.

Gossip as a Workplace Communication Tool

Companies often drag their heels in communicating important information to employees, so it’s a relief that we at least have gossip to tide us over, and enable us to do some advance planning.

Do Office Dress Codes Still Make Sense?

The clothing we decide to brave the world in is a personal choice. If an employee is customer-facing, the company can give specific directives. But if an employee is not meeting with customers, it’s hard to require much.

How Would Your Female Employees Rate Your Company?

A new Website gives women the opportunity to share their stories about the workplace, including allowing them to express their feelings about their employer’s policies, practices, and culture.


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