Training Reimagines Learning at Its Rebranded Event: TechLearn Conference 2019 in New Orleans

This rebranded and reimagined version of Training magazine's former Online Learning Conference will be headlined by Chief Learning Evangelist Michael Allen, founder of Allen Interactions and co-creator of “The eLearning Manifesto,” which boldly proclaims, “No more boring eLearning!”

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Julie Groshens, VP, Conferences, Training magazine

Minneapolis, MN (February 6, 2019)—

Hey, Google: How can I figure out which training technologies will most effectively deliver learning in my organization?

Google: I would suggest you head to Training magazine’s TechLearn Conference 2019 in New Orleans September 17-19. 

Most of us don’t need a digital assistant to tell us technology changes with light speed every day, every hour, every minute, every second. After all, your new smartphone is basically obsolete before you even pay the first bill. But what we do need is someone to tell us how to sort through all the bells and whistles and shiny objects to identify the technologies and methods that will empower learning and deliver results. And then how to successfully apply those technologies.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn at Training magazine’s fall TechLearn Conference (TLC) September 17-19, 2019, in the Big Easy. This rebranded and reimagined version of the former Online Learning Conference will be headlined by Chief Learning Evangelist Michael Allen, founder of Allen Interactions and co-creator of “The eLearning Manifesto,” which boldly proclaims, “No more boring eLearning!” Throughout the conference, Dr. Allen will guide attendees on how to design, develop, implement, and evaluate our ever-expanding training options.

“This is more than just a name change,” declares Training VP of Market Strategy Philip Jones. “As we’ve moved beyond online learning to adaptive learning, gamified learning, and learning delivered via augmented and virtual reality and artificial intelligence, we made the conscious decision to transform our fall event. We have re-engineered the format and content, and brought in recognized experts in the learning and technology industries to help attendees power up their training to the next level.”

TechLearn 2019 keynoters will include:

  • Ulrik Juul Christensen, MD, chief executive officer, Area9 Lyceum ApS, who has pioneered adaptive learning, data-driven content development, simulation, and debriefing technologies
  • Anders Ericsson, a leading expert on performance, Conradi eminent scholar and professor of Psychology at Florida State University, and the author of “Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise”—a guide to mastery and excellence at work, school, and sport that condenses three decades of research into a new way to think about practice, resilience, dedication, and achievement 
  • Lou Tedrick, vice president, Global Learning & Development, Training Top 10 Hall of Famer Verizon, which has begun using virtual reality for employee training
  • Phylise Banner, a learning experience design expert with more than 25 years of vision, action, and leadership experience in transformational learning and development approaches

Buttressing TechLearn on the front end will be the second annual GamiCon, an event exclusively for the design and delivery of gamified corporate training, adult learning, employee motivation and productivity, innovation, and culture change. And on the back end will be Innovations in Training (IIT), a curated expedition throughout New Orleans into the future of learning at work.

For more information about TechLearn Conference 2019, GamiCon, and IIT, please visit:

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