Training Top 125 Best Practice: BayCare Health System’s Journey to Extraordinary

The interactive program uses small group discussion, learning maps, and videos to facilitate learning and discussion to help team members identify and model the behaviors they should use in performing their roles to achieve BayCare’s goal to be a national leader in health care.

BayCare Health System’s “Journey to Extraordinary” (J2E) is an interactive program using small group discussion, learning maps, and videos to facilitate learning and discussion. The focus is on BayCare’s Mission, Vision, Values, Customer Experience, and the behaviors its team members should use in performing their role to achieve BayCare’s goal to be a national leader in health care measured by top decile customer and team member experience scores.

Program Details

A 12-member Steering Committee, all of whom are senior leaders, directed the development of the “Journey to Extraordinary” using feedback provided from a stakeholder summit that included nearly 300 of BayCare’s patients, vendors, team members, leaders, volunteers, and physicians. Out of this summit, six Passion Statements (Guiding Principles) were developed to guide the behaviors included in the final program. The Senior Leader Steering Committee included Nursing, Physicians, Ambulatory Services Division, Strategy & Marketing, as well as Operations leaders from all regions of the organization. This process ensured the J2E program was developed by BayCare for BayCare. 

The six Guiding Principles are:

  • We Listen, We Understand, We Confirm, and then We Act
  • We Are Present and Curious
  • We Celebrate and Appreciate Others
  • We Honor Humanity
  • We Find Solutions
  • We Acknowledge and Engage

It is a systemwide effort as more than 300 leaders from across the system serve as table facilitators for J2E sessions. Sessions are ongoing consistently throughout each week at various facilities across the system. All 27,000 employed team members and physicians will experience J2E over two years, and then sessions will continue for new hires.

Groups are led by a room and a table facilitator. The room facilitator sets the context of each section from the front of the room. The room facilitator then turns the session over to the table facilitator, who drives the dialogue of a table of eight to 10 team members. The session is enhanced by:

  • Peer-to-peer interaction
  • Videos utilizing BayCare’s team members, physicians, and senior leaders
  • Small group discussion
  • Full immersion in participant-led material; discussion is unique to the individuals in the small group, while table facilitators fill in gaps and keep the experience moving
  • Learning maps combined with videos and flip books/discussion cards support all methods of learning
  • Role-play to anchor and demonstrate behaviors

Kirkpatrick Level 3-required drivers include: 

  • Each participant leaves with his or her own Journey Map with the Guiding Principles.
  • Each participant makes a personal commitment to one behavior and makes it his or her own.
  • Each department has Journey materials as a visual reminder.
  • Journey behaviors are being included in the performance appraisal process moving forward.
  • Journey behaviors are shared in New Hire Orientation.
  • Team member reward programs incorporate both monetary recognition and e-card recognition tied to demonstrating the behaviors.
  • Hospital & Nursing Week celebrations are branded to tie back to J2E and celebrate Guiding Principles.
  • Talent Acquisition uses Guiding Principles to guide the interview process and hiring.
  • A landing page on BayCare’s intranet helps sustain the goals.
  • BayCare President Tommy Inzina speaks to the Journey mindset and Guiding Principles during his recorded Tommy Talks each month.
  • Various sustainability efforts will continually support the Journey, including providing leaders “meetings in a box” to frame conversations with their team members at various points throughout the year.


BayCare has seen great early results at an early adopter facility called Bartow Regional Medical Center (BRMC). At this facility, engagement scores improved from 3.96 to 4.21, putting the center in the top quartile as compared to the benchmark. 

Since the kickoff of the staggered rollout to BRMC hospital, BayCare has seen month-over-month improvements in overall ratings in the ER, OR, and Inpatient Units. The top box score for the month 90 days post-kickoff increased in all three areas, with an average of 4.43 points higher.

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