Training Top 125 Best Practice: Pennrose’s BLUEPRINT to Success: New Employee Workshop

In this daylong instructor-led, discovery-based learning experience, participants explore the company culture and history and Pennrose’s Strategic Plan.

Building on its industry and core business, real estate developer Pennrose designed and implemented BLUEPRINT to Success: New Employee Workshop. Pennrose realizes onboarding its associates early and orienting them to the organization is one of the most important pieces of the first 90 days.

Program Details

BLUEPRINT to Success: New Employee Workshop is a daylong instructor-led, discovery-based learning experience. In this interactive and engaging program, participants explore the company culture and history and Pennrose’s Strategic Plan. They also experience an interactive meet-and-greet with senior management. Participants are provided a first look at the customer experience and expectations, and delve into Pennrose’s commitment to its residents, and its commitments to its employees. Other distinctive components of the training include a risk and safety module and diversity activity. BLUEPRINT also exposes participants to BUILD-ing Connections—Pennrose’s engagement strategy and behaviors. Participants practice these skills through the introductions of their classmates.

BLUEPRINT to Success: New Employee Workshop uses new technology such as i-Clickers, virtual tours, and Grace Hill e-learning to keep participants engaged. A video computer-based “game” called FRAMEWORK gauges participants’ understanding of Pennrose’s history in a fun and interactive way. The training includes built-in technological knowledge assessment via i-Clickers, which allows for real-time results to ensure participant understanding. These assessments are spread evenly throughout the training and serve as transitions between each major topic of the new hire workshop.


BLUEPRINT to Success: New Employee Workshop aims to introduce new employees to Pennrose’s culture of engagement and prepare them for the positions they’ve accepted in the company. Last year, 133 participants attended BLUEPRINT to Success. Participants rated this training with the highest possible satisfaction score 94 percent, 99 percent, 95 percent, and 96 percent of the time Quarter 1 through Quarter 4, respectfully, surpassing the company’s goal of 85 percent. Organizationally, Pennrose saw a 15 percent decrease in turnover between Quarter 3 and Quarter 4.     

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