Training Top 125 Best Practice: SHOP Rotation at VSP Global

Some 75 percent of the learners participating in the job rotation projects at VSP Global have been offered positions where their new skills are put to work.

The mission of the 90-day job rotation at VSP Global (which has five complementary businesses that combine eye care insurance, eyewear, customized lenses, ophthalmic technology, and connnected patient experiences) is identifying possibilities through disruptive technology. It’s an opportunity for anyone in the organization to engage in the SHOP’s human-centered design thinking and innovative approach.

Program Details

Those who participate in job rotation narrow project ideas to one possibility per team to pitch to the executive sponsor. Results of job rotation directly impact VSP’s mission to help people see, connect the learners’ work directly to the organization’s strategic initiatives, and provide significant opportunity for growth beyond one’s role before participating in the rotation. After the rotation, employees join their original teams with a renewed focus on innovation, breaking down barriers, and increasing critical thinking skills.

VSP engages in practically applied processes and exercises that allow the vision to come to fruition for its business. The scope of talent and the unleashed entrepreneurial spirit contribute to the organization’s innovative success.


Some 75 percent of the learners participating in the job rotation projects have been offered positions where their new skills are put to work. The success for the individual contributes to VSP’s internal hiring numbers of 41 percent, as well as 375 promotions and numerous lateral moves to try new and exciting opportunities. This engaged workforce has a direct impact on VSP’s 6.4 percent revenue increase.

Additional results from the job rotation program include:

  • Creation of proposals and patent-pending plans inspiring further investment from the executive sponsor
  • Richer understanding of a customer need
  • A working prototype that has been successfully tested with potential customers
  • Development of a technology product called “Level” and a partnership with USC Center for Body Computing that:

 a. Seamlessly integrates health-tracking technology in the temple of an optical frame

 b. Communicates a state of balance and centeredness

 c. Describes the technology’s location near the body’s center axis

 d. Sets it apart from other fitness trackers by offering more accurate results

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