Training Top 125 Best Practice: Super-Pro 10 Certification at Valvoline Instant Oil Change

The repeated pattern of constantly certifying new employees, recertifying all employees, and certifying on process changes creates a culture where some sort of certification is happening constantly.

At retailer Valvoline Instant Oil Change (VIOC), certification is a more than a program—it is a part of the company’s culture. From the first day on the job until taking responsibility for multiple units and millions in revenue, team members constantly are preparing for the next level of certification and are being recertified in key skills.

The certification process, branded Super-Pro 10, is used at all levels, resulting in consistency of process and efficiency in learning.

Program Details

The Super-Pro 10 process consists of six core steps:

  1. Online or classroom learning, laying the foundation for new skills
  2. Review of written procedures
  3. Repeated observation of the procedure, checking off each step on the provided checklist
  4. Meeting with the in-store trainer to review safety points and important items to remember
  5. Repeated practice under the supervision of a trainer
  6. Certification by the trainer using a standardized certification checklist

In the first 60 days of employment, this process is utilized repeatedly to certify employees on core automotive services. In an additional 120 days, it is utilized for a second group of skills, including interacting with guests, advising them on automotive services, handling cash and credit cards, and opening and closing the store. Over the next two years, the process is used again to certify team members in assistant manager duties, including ordering, inventory, scheduling labor, training new employees, and managing the store for short periods.

The certification process is used again to certify service center managers, multi-unit managers, trainers, and so on. It also is used for certain services that require government certification.

Recertification is a major component of the program, as well, as is certification on process changes. All major services are recertified at least once per year on a seasonal schedule. The repeated pattern of constantly certifying new employees, recertifying all employees, and certifying on process changes creates a culture where some sort of certification is happening constantly. The result is a standard where employees know that executing a process perfectly every time and at any moment is something to be proud of.


As a result of the certification program, 100 percent of managers have been developed internally for the last three years; A-rated managers have increased from 35 to 67 percent in the last five years; and turnover fell by 14 percent in 2014.

Because the program creates manager bench strength, it enables VIOC to meet its goal to strategically grow units and the business model. Overall, net units have increased from 867 to 940 in four years.

And because the process is used to certify customer service and sales skills, it also is tied to VIOC’s goal to achieve a healthy balance of top-line revenue growth. Average net sales have increased 11 percent over the last four years.


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