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The Power of Broadcasting Happiness

New research from the front lines shows that not only is it possible to broadcast positive messages to raise business outcomes such as engagement, performance, and profitability, but that there is a scientifically based way to do it to more effectively get your message across


How organizations can fuel engagement and performance by helping employees renew their energy.

Taking Care of Business

Workplace learning has risen to the top of many business leaders’ to-do lists. While this is most L&D practitioners’ dream, it comes at a price: the need for “accountability.”

In Pursuit of Lifelong Learning

Ultimately, it’s up to the learners to trace a plan from where they are to where they want to be.  What is the best way to learn?

Focus on Taiwan

Training participants have an appetite for “soft skills” programs that address American business practices, customer service, communication, supervisory skills, and management development.

Ruining Recognition

When it comes to recognizing employee effort, it’s time to start worrying less about “fairness” and more about shining the light on work that makes a difference.

Virtual Leadership—Closing the Distance

Many of the skills trainers already use in creating a successful classroom experience are applicable to overcoming the challenges leaders face in a virtual environment.

A How-To Guide for Vertical Leadership Development

While most organizations offer “horizontal” leadership development to build critical leadership skills and competencies needed to weather complexities and succeed, leaders also need “vertical” development that teaches them to think in more complex and adaptive ways, and to use their leadership skills more effectively.

Sticky Notes: How to Support New Leaders

Focus on the fundamentals, such as spelling out expectations, following up regularly, tracking performance closely in writing, and holding people accountable.

They Need Training, Too

Managers are the most undertrained and underappreciated employees in corporate America, according to a study conducted by Kelton Research and Root Inc. of 205 Training/HR executives.

See It All the Way Through

Watch a baseball game long enough to see a player hit the ball and run through first base. Then think about the connection to learning: You’re done after you finish, not as you finish.

Fear of Failure Hampers Innovation

Organizations worldwide have increased their focus on innovation. Yet, too often, they’re stymied by ingrained fear of failure and internal politics, as well as a lack of clear strategies and repeatable processes to make innovation measurable and accountable across the enterprise, according to a study released by the Business Performance Innovation Network.

Sparks of Inspiration

A salute to 25 extraordinary training professionals who have been in the training industry for two to 10 years and have demonstrated stellar growth in leadership skills, business acumen, and innovation.


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