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The Business Transformation Revolution

Transformational change requires a fundamental shift in mindset, organizational principles, behavior, and/or culture, as well as organizational changes— all designed to support new business directions.

Focus on Hungary

Hungarians prefer a didactic teaching style. They want to have a clear theoretical background and plenty of examples illustrating the theory.

Understand Teams by Using the GRPI Model

Organizational theorist Dick Beckhard developed the GRPI model— Goals, Roles, Processes, Interpersonal Relationships—to help diagnose the causes of team dysfunction.

3 Ways to Improve the Learning Environment

If you want to create a high-impact learning environment, start with genuine problems and end with real solutions. Avoid solutions that mask tactics as outcomes or call for miracles.

Sticky Notes: Proliferating Best Practices

Smart organizations are always looking for experienced people on the front line who have developed the most effective technique for accomplishing a task or responsibility.

4 Workplace Trends for 2016

2016 offers both challenges and opportunities based on several trends that will help define the workplace environment for the coming years, say the employment experts at Allison & Taylor, Inc.

Top 10 Human Capital Priorities for 2016

The No. 1 priority, according to a survey of 550 business leaders, HR leaders, and consultants by Waggl, is "encouraging/engendering a growth/ownership mindset."

Tear Down Those Walls?

As more organizations move away from cubicles to an open office environment, they need to figure out how to implement such a configuration in a way that doesn't negatively affect employee performance— or drive them to quit.

A Eureka! Moment

Bringing people together from multiple disciplines for both brainstorming and training can lead to powerful collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing.

Secrets of Star Training Consultants

How do successful training consultants achieve and maintain their “stardom?” What broader lessons do their career paths offer to the rest of the industry? Training magazine and Concordia University launched a study to find out.

2016 Training Top 125 Rankings

 The 2016 Training Top 125 winners demonstrated a strong focus on effective training and employee development tied to corporate strategic goals and business impact.

Top 10 Hall of Fame Outstanding Training Initiatives (Jan/Feb 2016)

Each year Training magazine requires all Training Top 10 Hall of Famers to submit an Outstanding Training Initiative that is shared with our readers in a print issue. Here are the details of the three highest-scoring submissions from 2015: Verizon: Emergency Work Assignment (EWA) Training; EY: Tax 1 Blended Program; and IBM: Global Sales School Redesign and Business Impact Study.


Training Top 125

Training magazine’s Training Top 125 Award winners are the organizations with the most successful learning and development programs in the world.

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