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Career Steer

While not yet back to the levels seen in a buoyant economy, a substantial majority (72%) of respondents to a BlessingWhite survey believe they personally have the biggest control over their next career move (as opposed to their manager or the company they work for).

Sticky Notes: The Training Investment Paradox

One question business leaders are still asking: “How are we going to get a return on our training investment in people who don’t stay for the long haul?” The question you should be asking: “How are we going to change our approach to training so our investment is not so vulnerable?”

What’s Training Worth?

NEARLY 71% OF 200 WORKERS between the ages of 18 and 60 believe their employers consider training to be important, but only 38% said they received 20 or more hours of training in the last year, according to an online survey by Mindflash. On the other hand, almost 58% of participants said that training was helping them to do their jobs a lot better, while approximately 38% said training helped their job performance “a little.” Along the same lines, a large majority (nearly 67%) said that more training would deliver further on-the-job benefits, and most workers (almost 62%) would be willing to take training courses during non-work hours.

Priming the Pipeline

IN ITS “PUTTING THE SUCCESS IN SUCCESSION” REPORT, PwC U.S. examines how workforce challenges are having a ripple effect on corporate succession planning. These include declining retention rates, an inability to consistently identify and develop pivotal talent, disconnected processes throughout organizations, and a lack of reliable talent data. “While most organizations conduct succession planning, too often it doesn’t get the full attention of the leadership team until a crisis forces it on the agenda,” notes Sayed Sadjady, partner in PwC’s People & Change practice.

Go Figure

Math was never my best (or favorite) subject in school. You’d think with parents in the aerospace and computer industries that I’d have a math gene advantage, but apparently I take after my grandfather, who started out as a copyboy for wire service UPI and worked his way up the editorial ladder. Two decades in the workplace later, I still have not developed an affinity for numbers - which is why I have an accountant do my taxes and a researcher tabulate our surveys.

Top 10 OTI: Microsoft Corporation: Pitch Perfect

For the first time since the creation of the Training Top 10 Hall of Fame in 2008, Training magazine required all Hall of Famers to submit an Outstanding Training Initiative that would be shared with our readers throughout the year. Here are the details of Microsoft Corporation’s submission.

L&D Best Practices: Mar/April 2014

BCBSM customers know they can count on us for their health insurance needs, and we are taking steps to make sure we always listen for their voice. In fact, improving customer experience is one of our corporate goals. As a Training department, we needed to ensure easy access to comprehensive Voice of the Customer information for our customer service representatives (CSRs) and their leaders. To facilitate this, we created a balanced scorecard that integrates critical feedback from training, quality, analytics, and operational call centers.

Golden Opportunities

Just days before the Olympic Games kicked off in Sochi, Russia, the Training 2014 Conference and Expo, held February 3-5 at the San Diego Convention Center, was bathed in its own golden glow.

PART 2: MasTec’s Apprenticeship Mission

Training magazine began looking at MasTec’s Utility Services Group’s journey to create a culture of learning throughout its organization in the January/February 2014 issue. This culture of learning is destined to support MasTec’s goals of recruiting the best talent in the utility construction industry, developing those individuals to set them up for success, and ultimately retaining their top talent.

Top 125 In-Tuition: Part 2

In the November/December 2013 issue of Training, we reported on the general practices of the 2013 Training Top 125 winners (plus an additional 26 organizations that were on the cusp of making the Top 125 list last year) regarding tuition reimbursement. But readers wondered whether the practices are consistent across all organizations or differ among industries.

Training at Your Fingertips

Performance support tools—whether traditional in the form of mentoring and coaching or technologically advanced and online—can be workforce game-changers. When your employees find themselves stumped in the middle of a challenging task, these tools give them a place to turn for quick, just-in-time answers. The challenge is understanding the support tools available today and which are right for your employees.

Immersion in the Sub-Sahara

In Africa, there is an age-old learning tradition that is still practiced today: storytelling. Villagers learn about the values and behaviors that will be conducive to the success of the tribe by being together, sitting around a campfire at night, listening to the elders of the village talk. What has been true throughout the centuries is still true today.

What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?

Big data can be daunting, but its analysis is making significant differences in organizations. By analyzing complex data sets across functional silos, organizations are gaining insights to help catalyze change, improve access to experts, speed onboarding, retain talent, and identify root causes for complicated issues. It improves the learning environment, and even the Learning & Development organization itself.

Negotiate for Better Learning Outcomes

IF YOU’RE AN INTERNAL Learning & Development (L&D) professional, you direct the action among management, consultants, and learners and need to use negotiation skills with each party to produce meaningful outcomes.


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