Partnerships & Alliances (Jan/Feb 2017)

The latest training industry mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and more.
  • Brainshark, Inc., and Highspot, Inc., entered into a strategic partnership to deliver a complete sales enablement solution. The partnership combines Brainshark’s content creation, training, and coaching capabilities with Highspot’s content management, customer engagement, and analytics capabilities.
  • KentuckianaWorks, the workforce development board for the greater Louisville region, partnered with The C2 Group to create the Career Calculator. The Web application uses real-time labor data to help students and job-seekers make decisions and identify potential career opportunities.

  • Sure People and Baird Group formed a strategic partnership to provide full-scale technology services and health-care industry expertise designed to improve employee engagement and positively impact the patient experience.

  • Blue Bottle Biz partnered with Knowledgemotion, a London-based edtech company behind a large video library for education: With the 500 titles provided through the partnership, Blue Bottle Biz members have access to brief informational videos covering business planning and reporting, engagement, marketplace trends, sustainability, and more.

  • Manpower Group formed a partnership with Learn Up, a career management platform that provides pre-hire skills development and virtual coaching for entry-level workers. Online assessment and short interactive training modules using reallife scenarios and linked to actual, open roles will help people understand and acquire the skills they need before they apply for a job and provide coaching support once in the role.

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